My friend is a fool -_-

So my friend, william, has a dinged up number 9 he doesn’t use anymore. So this guy in our grade who everybody dislikes cause he copies everyone and is just really annoying wants to start yoyoing. (-_-)
Then william said he would sell his number 9 to him,and he got the guy to agree to buy it for 110 dollars. i was like, SELL IT SELL IT, and he kept saying NO, I WANT 150 DOLLARS! And he didn’t sell it quick enough, so now the other guy went and about a dingo, sold it to my friend for 40 bucks, completely mint, (another fool), and then bought himself a brand new skyline and said he bought it off a friend for 40 bucks. It just bothers me for some reason. But i guess it’s another day in school for me

If they’re happy with what they spent, then don’t mind them. :smiley:

Just let them know about what they should have paid so they don’t do it again. :slight_smile:

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Well I’m glad the guy didn’t get duped by your friend. No reason to take advantage of anyone. It’s just not right IMO.


That being said, people should be wise on things.

Kids or not, if they have a cnote around themselves, they should be smarter.

??? ??? ??? “Then william said he would sell his number 9 to him”. "The other guy ‘went about a dingo’. If he got it for 40 mint then got a skyline, he is not a fool. I think your jealous. What do the asian faces mean?

the problem is, with the system as it is now, School doesn’t educate kids, school and society just train new consumers. You would be surprised the amount of money people are ready to spend without even knowing what they’re buying.

Planned obsolescence
Perceived obsolescence

these are our society’s pillars, buy buy buy buy until you die

and the more things we own, the less we own of ourselves.

Sorry if i wasn’t clear. So my friend did not settle on selling his number 9 for 110 dollars to the other guy. So the other guy, without a yoyo, bought himself a dingo. A day after he bought it he sold it to another one of my friends for 40 dollars. Then he bought a skyline and lied to us about where he got it from. I’m mad for one because the other guy doesn’t seem to appreciate the quality of his yoyos, does not understand the value of money, and lied to us. Idk just this whole thinks ticks me off.

these are just toys man, you and your friends should chill.

if that guy always copies what others do, maybe he’ll end up finding something to stick to, I mean you shouldn’t judge the guy for this, it’s actually a very valid way to find out what you like and it’s a demonstration of an open mind. it might be paid back with loss of “personality” but it’ll eventually develop over time anyways.

back to the point, if you think your friend is a fool, and if you really think he’s your friend, you shouldn’t be talking to us about it, but instead, talk to your friend, explain him why you think he’s a fool, and hear what he has to say about it, maybe you don’t know everything.

friends should talk and not avoid confrontations, because that’s what friends are for.

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It’s not your money being spent so why are you mad that he spent all that money ??

So he doesn’t appreciate the quality of his yoyo’s… again that’s his problem not yours

I thought you didn’t like the kid so why do you care if he lied to you ?

If you want my advice i think you should stop getting SO involved with what other people do and focus on your own stuff… but that’s just my opinion

Hadoq, you are like a yoyoing wise man, I just had to give props on that :smiley:

Anyways about the topic, our friends all do things that annoy us i’m sure…I can write a newspaper article on mine, but as everyone is saying in some form or another, that number 9 was your friends yoyo and the decision was his. As for this guy who copies I wouldn’t judge him on the fact that he copies at all…perhaps you could make a new friend by showing him the ropes on yoyoing idk, really i’m bored so I figured I throw in my two cents :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude if you don’t like the guy you should be happy that he spent $120 on a yoyo when he’s a beginner, as he probably will ruin it.

Have you been watching Zeitgiest per chance? :slight_smile:

Dude, Relax. Copying each other is how we grow and learn all yoyo people copies another from time to time and sometimes can make a style or some form of yoyoing better. Money wise I think it’s stupid but I would not my time being angry; I would probably just forget it. Anyways point is that copying is teaching and if this guy copies everyone that means he is learning.

i hate it when nublets go out and buy a big expensive BEAUTIFUL yoyo, and destroy it. my fool wants an oxy ti (good luck finding one) and guess what he has now? a kickside. guess his best trick. braintwister “OMAIGAWD IM SO BEAST!!! TAKE DAT FOO!” and i just go -_-

i know they are ti, but this kid can destroy anything and everything

On a different note imitation is the best form of flattery. I think that’s how it goes.

nope, I haven’t but I keep seeing vids popping on FB so I’ll have a look at some point

I’ve seen “idiocracy” tho ;D it pretty much sums up how we live today (no, it’s not a “real” futuristic movie)

Suks to be so jealous eh.
Thats about all I see, the first guys problem is jealousy as well.
Suks to be jealous of some noob who has a better, prettier, more expensive, and rarer yoyo than you.

im not being jealous, and its best not to come off as a jerk. Thank you. have a good day. i just hate it when rare yoyos are destroyed, collectors value for some stuff can be through the roof, they dont care, they have to idea of the value of money, when they are out of there parents house, they willl be on the streets. whos jealous now?

I think the sad truth is the most likely outcome for someone of that age with that much money is that theyre spoilt, and will just ride their families money forever, and never learn the value of money. The rich tend to stay rich.