What do u think of UFO's ?

I Think They Are Real :wink: :smiley:


What, you doubt?

I Donno i Thin They Are real u know what do u think :slight_smile:

Is there life out there in the universe. I believe there is, but I don’t think they are large eyed green martians, with fart harvesting probes. I doubt it.

It’s a neat trick.

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I might not want to come into contact with those fart harvesting probing ones. I wouldn’t really want to come into contact with some form of intelligent life that doesn’t recognize earth as having life, due to a different perception of time… sort of like trees or other plants. But yes I believe that UFOs are real.

EDIT: instead of this, I have a better way to respond to the question.


But of course it isn’t THE question…

Me To

But I Like Eiffel Tower Better

What Is 42

Why, the answer to everything, of course.

It is a reference to the Douglas Adams book The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Geeshhh, some people…

Yeah, i think they are real, we just dont know what they are.

I want one…

There are definitely aliens out there. They might have been on Earth too.

Finally Some People Also Agree That Aliens Do Exist ;D

perfect evidence is the roswell new mexico fiasco…


I Saw a documentary about it on national geography and about that check this http://www.roswellufocrash.com/

I think they aren’t worth thinking about.

They wanted you to say that. They wanted me to say this.


if they arnt in our solar system, they could be in another one because there are millions and billions of solar systems out there!