Conspiracy Thread


It has come to my attention that all the conspiracy threads have been erased, its only a matter of time until they find out this one has been created. please share some of your conspiracies but at your own risk! you never know who may be listening in…


You better be careful. Ya know what happened to the last guy that blabbed.


I smell a lock


Conspiracy against what? Against yye? What’s the point of that?


Okay I can’t go into the details but here’s the highlights…



-North Pole

-Inside job

Joking aside.

Nothing’s wrong with asking questions and trying to keep the government transparent and accountable but don’t go crazy and start saying we never landed on the moon and aliens built everything… (OR DID THEY…)



There is no conspiracy.

That doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you.

I don’t think there’s enough organization in place for there to even be a conspiracy.

Be afraid, be very afraid. Oh, and while you’re at it, move your location marker if you have one!


watch the matrix, irobot, prison break, and visit and decide for yourself

there is historically a cycle between times of peace, conspiracy, war, tyranny/dictatorships, revolution, repeat from cultures like rome, nazi germany, USSR, cuba, north korea…

and yes… air can kill you in 80 years… so i think ill start breathing water ;D

(Jei Cheetah) #9

Now lets move along people!

Lets talk about the conspiracy of roswell


Well I think that aliens aren’t really green that’s just a cover up.


yeah aliens man we cant be the only ones out there ya know, i doubt they would be green too. they might not even be visible in our spectrum of light!


Just talking about aliens being green or not isn’t really a conspiracy theory issue.

A conspiracy would be if there are aliens here masquerading as us, and someone knowing it and covering it up. Or something like we really didn’t go to the moon, it was all just a clever, special effects enhanced hoax filmed in the Nevada desert at night.

A conspiracy has to involve a cover up or a big lie to hide something from the general public.


What if air is really water and water is really air…

That way they can charge more for bottled water!


well there are many conspiracy points linked to aliens, like the landings and whatnot. the coverups that the government has done and other things of that nature. i was just hoping that 1 person would put up a huge rant about some nonsense conspiracy but jahknow not everything works out haha


I feel so stupid now… :-[


Anyone watch the south park episode where they make fun of the history channel and how they say everything has aliens in it lmfao…

They say “we can’t prove that aliens were there… But we also can’t prove that they weren’t there” hilarious!!!

South park rules!!

[b]Please read the rues on language. one word erased.



I saw that the night it came out.
“We’ll get your stuffing back”


ya language