The Demon-Haunted World

Thank you Carl Sagan……get your weird on kids….I’m ready……

UFO’s 100% exist. If someone sees something in the sky that they cannot identify, then they have seen a UFO.

Even if it’s a paper airplane, if they can’t tell what it is, they it’s a UFO.

If it wasn’t for UFO’s I would have voted none of the above.

fixed…happy now Jake…?

I’m a ghost kinda guy, i use my wee-gee board often to contact
with the non-living even scared a few people with my knowledge of
spellbinding souls and casting spells…all you need is the right…

Well really, aliens are almost guaranteed to exist. Hundreds of billions of planets in billions of solar systems in billions of galaxies… etc.  :slight_smile:

Here is a really good link that describes the history and the method of the Ouija board.