Huvr- Hoverboards

I know man!! I sure hope this is real everyone says its fake but if not I need to know ASAP because I gotta start saving lol


It is probably not real. I googled it. I’m crying.

I hope its real. Lol.

Soooooo hope this is real, that pink one looks amazing!

So far I haven’t seen anything that disproves this. They said Tony Hawk had a harness on? I didn’t see it, even when I looked at the picture. They also said his jeans where photoshopped, but that’s kinda hard to tell.

I really hope its not fake, but at the same time, what would you do with it? Can you do tricks on it?

I hope it doesn’t take over skating if it’s real…

Sorry guys but it’s clearly fake. :-\

One can only dream…

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SILENCE! This is clearly real.

Found online:

"Skeptics also noticed the video features an actor (Nelson Chang) playing the product “engineer,” and all the celebrities who try the hoverboard clearly had harnesses on their shoulders that were digitally removed in post-production.

Finally, Gizmodo confirmed the project was a prank created by Funny Or Die. An Internet listing by a stylist and costume designer described the humor video site’s video as a “commercial” filmed in November 2013."

Its not fake it was confirmed on the news today


I want imagine flying above the trees while going to school plus that is bound to beat a laptop I am saving for! Plus that looks awesome I could do it any day cause I don’t have to worry about school.

lol, best laugh I’ve had today.

Say it with punctuation and grammar and I’ll believe you :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI, it’s done by Funny or Die.

You forgot the period. lol.

Sooo im subscribed to “RIDE channel” and they just posted a video of Tony hawk apologizing for the prank. He showed us how they filmed it and yeah, I think it’s fake now… :’(

I still want one of those boards(the pink bttf one) to put in my room to look at since it’s super cool!! ;D

Plot twist: The hover board that they are giving away on Facebook actually works.

OK, I know a few of you are relatively young and such, but think about physics for a moment, only using what you know from the word around you and things you’ve seen, not things you’ve learned in school or by watching television.

How could that possibly work? How could a plastic skateboard without wheels possibly float like that? Sure you could do it with mag-lev technology, but the results in the video are just completely unbelievable under any circumstances.

I’m all for a sense of wonder and hope, but come on now… Don’t let yourselves be fooled by celebrity, apparent credibility, or anything else along those lines. Videos like this are created as jokes and to showcase what is possible through clever editing. Actually letting yourself believe that things such as this are legitimate, even only long enough to ask people on the internet about it, puts you in a very vulnerable position regardless of how light-hearted the actual event is.