The Scam of The Century!


I sent this email to onedrop and clyw. I really did.


They are likely assembling their PR team and flying in the corporate lawyers. I would expect a press release fairly soon. I wonder how they will spin it.


most likely the company that made that older stove is out of business; they most likely never copyrighted the “logo” if, in fact, that is what it is…

way too many typefaces to concern themselves with using that name and like graphic.

not sure why you consider it a scam.



The peddles in kayaks are for steering not moving.


lol.  :smiley:

Of course, it’s completely legal to have two companies use the same name in different non-competing industries. So unless the Summit yoyo can bake some pizza, it’s not really an issue.

Still funny though.



You must bask in its beauty. You do not use a paddle.


I hate to say it but you can’t copyright the name summit so it’s perfectly legal.


Someone’s photoshop skills are definitely NOT! :slight_smile:



OneDrop and CLYW have much to answer for. This is clearly an attempt by the proprietors to sell more yo-yo’s through brand-association with a world-famous stove manufacturer. I hope the Feddies throw the book at them.

Simply disgraceful. …Really. ::slight_smile:


This is One Drop’s reply:


You’re right, you would trademark the name “Summit” in relation to a specific (or several) industries. Saying you can’t is like saying you can’t trademark “Apple” because there’s already a fruit called that.


JUUUUuuuuuuuust in case… because I’m “that guy that ruins fun” (in this case, for the OP’s fake outrage)…

The OP photoshopped the Summit (stove) logo onto the Summit. Immediately you should see that it’s a joke. Then the list of blackmail demands are hilarious. If you didn’t already know it was a joke, that would have been the cue.

It’s all for giggles, folks. :wink:


May I shoot you with a stick?


People weren’t playing along? :-X




WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I AM 100% SERIOUS WITH MY DEMANDS! (T-Thank you for the above post)

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“Some people call me a terrorist I consider my self a teacher”


Y-y-you too.


Giggles… dead.
You were the kid that told the teacher who shot the spitball; right?

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The internet doesn’t relay sarcasm very well.