The symbol of American yoyoing?

If you had to pick one yoyo brand that embodies what an American-made yoyo is, what brand would you pick?

Tom Kuhn

One Drop


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TMBR, One Drop, or General Yo.

Yoyo Recreation obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

General Yo.
Only said that to make sure that there wasn’t a consensus :wink:
I think for modern American yoyoing, One Drop may be my choice.

One Drop

Made in china just like most products sold in the US


One drop and YYF is manufactured in China like someone above said

Wait… So wouldn’t that be the perfect symbol of American yoyoing?

One drop is manufactured in the US…

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Most of their highend stuff is made in the US.

Just like most American products

I’ll just go ahead and say that when I think of America + Yoyos, I automatically think General-Yo.

One Drop is manufactured in the US… they have their own machine shop…

I’m gonna go with One Drop on this one

Has anyone said Duncan? Duncan was the main or the American Yoyo company that people buy. Now obviously thats for a nonyoyoer but, I think of you were talking to a yoyoer definitely onedrop or YYJ.


OD seems like the clear winner here.

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For so many reasons.

Including patents that impede other companies?