Philosophy - life the universe and everything.

Anyone feel like having a philosophy thread? Discussing life the universe and everything. What is “real” and philosophical arguments for said “realness”?

First discussion I suppose could be what structure or rules should the thread abide? If any and does it matter?

No interest eh?

I suppose politics and religion should be off limits.

I like thinking about time a lot. The non existence of it that is. To have a border you have to have two things that exist against each other. Canada - USA. Canada is there, USA is here and inbetween is the border.

The past no longer exists, the future has not yet occurred, and so “now” cannot exist.

Thoughts anyone? If no, then RIP thread and remember the answer is 42.

I mean time is a just something in our heads, created by us. If human life ceased to exist, then so would our understanding of time.

Time’s like a 3rd dimensional illusion. In the fourth dimension (so they say) people aren’t trapped in time.

It’s like the 2nd dimensional gingerbread man in the third dimension who continues to move along a third dimensional tube and keeps running into the same place every full rotation, and has no idea why.

And lol, I just finished Hitchhiker’s, time to read the Restaurant at the end of the Galaxy.

Man, time exists. Well, unless you prove otherwise. My argument holds about as much water as yours right now-- if not more. Everything isn’t happening all at once, so it looks like there’s something stopping that from happening.

Religion is gonna be tough to keep out of this thread lol. The love of wisdom tends to lead away or towards religion.

Yep. You can’t discuss truth if you avoid it. :stuck_out_tongue:

How to shut down a thread in one post with Someone, coming soon to television.

God = time ?

Hmmm good point, everything doesn’t exist at the same time as far as we can tell. If we start down the dimensions path then isn’t there supposed to be a dimension for every possible outcome of reality? Which could mean that in theory yes everything is actually happening at the same time just in different dimensions. This is getting weird and I like it.

Mars isn’t checking its watch as it speeds through the universe but it’s placement in space and time will impact other planets, gravitational forces, etc. and when (time) it does will determine what is changed around it. The planet doesn’t know what time it is but I’m not sure if that means time doesn’t exist. But again that’s just this dimension where planets exist.

Religion and politics will be hard to avoid. So maybe let’s say religion and politics are OK but only when discussed as a human tool. The “reality” or “correctness” of them would be off limits?

New rule update. (9/14/2013)
Discussion of religion, politics, or sexual preference is outside the realm of this forum and should be avoided.

But I don’t mind it, just thought I’d let you know though.

Thanks Think, best to avoid altogether then.

This is a good read about time:

Also here is the most intelligent species on the planet:

Frankie or Benjy?

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Ummm, no, space is 3 dimensional, in that context time may be considered a 4th dimension.

Time was invented so everything doesn’t happen at once.

No problem man, just wanted to make sure you don’t get banned or in trouble. Lose your thread topic. That would suck. I’m not very smart, so I wouldn’t know what to say about time. Except there is no beginning without an end. No light without dark, time may seem infinite but eventually time will stop right?

Neither… Or both… The mouse is both Frankie and Benjy, and me, and you, everything and everyone is a manifestation or perception of the universe. In truth, that’s not Frankie or Benjy, that is just what “you” perceive. In truth, it is just the universe again… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if time will ever stop. After reading through that link I’m still leaning toward time not being a “truth”. I am leaning more toward time is just what a conscience entity may need to perceive to make sense of its environment. That there is no true time. Only the moment is changing - our perception of the change creates the illusion of time.

How to word that in a philosophical statement… I haven’t found yet… but I’m sure it’s buried somewhere in some very intelligent philosophers’ publications.

Isn’t discussion of time more physics than philosophy?

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I was referring to our understanding of time. If time was “invented”, as jhb mentioned, then it only exists as long as we’re around to perceive it, because it’s our invention.
Also, that proving otherwise argument doesn’t really hold much value. I could say dark matter tends to be in the shape of a yoyo. Can you prove me otherwise? Just because you can’t prove that something is wrong doesn’t mean it is right.

Physics is about how things(matter) act/exist in their environment. So like how you go to the dentist office on Tuesday. Space = dentist office. Time = “Tuesday”. How things act in space time = physics.

Time is part of the sandbox. Philosophical discussion of time is does the sandbox exist and if so what sandbox is the sandbox in?

Edited to specify, when I say “things” I mean “matter”.

Obviously that argument doesn’t work, all I meant was I’d like to hear your full argument. I like to tackle philosophy like geometry: prove everything (well, everything that can be proved and isn’t assumed to be true).

A. The past has already occurred and is no longer happening.
B. The future hasn’t happened at all.
C. Now is the middle point between past and future.
D. You cannot have a middle between two things that do not exist.
E. Past, future, now - do not exist
F. Time does not exist.

The only problem with this theory I can see is:
A. The past is no longer happening. How are we sure?
B. The future is not happening yet. How are we sure?

If we are sure of these two points then I think it may be true that time must not exist.