This statement is false. (paradox thread)

post your fave paradoxes

Two Doctors walked into a bar, and the bartender said… :wink:

I think i understand…

literal metal bar?

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

then you’re probably playing WoW.

Lol just got off of wow to see that.
My fave is the haystack paradox.
If you have straw and stack the straw one strand at a time when does it become a stack?

ummmm… dunno

“This statement is false.” hahaha, that’s a good one.

I think my favorite would probably be the omnipotence paradox, it goes something like this:

Can an omnipotent being create a rock too heavy for itself to lift?

If yes, the being is not truly omnipotent.
If no, the being is not truly omnipotent.

A dyslexic guy walks into a bra.

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K strauss is a yoyoer ::slight_smile:

Love I6ify’s paradox.
People should at least google paradox though lol
Also for people who don’t understand mine.
One can assume that if you take away one straw of hay from a stack you still have a stack.
And if you add one straw to one straw you don’t have a stack.
So if you continuously take away from a stack you’ll get down to 2 straws which means it is and isn’t a stack.

By definition, this is impossible. For something to be defined as ‘unstoppable’, nothing must be able to stop it. Therefore, there cannot be an immovable object.

We’re talking about paradoxes, here. This is the entire point of them.

every thing I say is a lie…

Ok, so there is a town. In this town, there is one barber, and one barber only. This barber shaves people with a straight razor; however, he only shaves people who DON’T shave themselves, and refuses to shave people who DO shave themselves. Does he shave himself?

Two of my favorite are Curry’s Paradox (’s_paradox) and Russel’s Paradox (’s_paradox) because they are mathematically amusing to think about.

Another really interesting one is the Sorites Paradox (

If you can’t tell, I really enjoy logic.

I love Catch-22’s more.

There is no absolute truth.


Isn’t this more of a riddle than a paradox?

[quote=wikipedia]A paradox is a seemingly true statement or group of statements that lead to a contradiction or a situation which seems to defy logic or intuition.

[quote=wikipedia]A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.