What do u think of UFO's ?

Yup Good Thinkin :slight_smile:

I still don’t think we landed on the moon. :stuck_out_tongue:

found this:

Not my vid. No credit to me!

Yeah I saw it  :wink:

?! I didnt get it

Some people think the moon landing was faked, i.e. a conspiracy. I was joking that if I thought we never landed on the moon that aliens/UFO’s exist. Which, IMO they don’t.

Ancient Aliens on History channel. Great documentary, but definitely needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

What a bunch of joeys

You don’t mean that.

no i dont THINK they are real i KNOW they are real i have a pet alien his name is jeffery and he is purple

What shade of purple? Just curious, if Jeffery doesn’t want me to know, then he/she/it/other doesn’t have to tell me. Ask him/her/its/other first before you decide to let me know.