What do u do if someone backs out of a deal even after address was given


Besides being totally frustrated


Provided you haven’t actually sent anything off yet, there’s not much else you can do besides be totally annoyed and have a bit of a vent about it.



Well he started low balling me, and even after I told him the deal was not firm, he gave me his address and then I got a better deal and told him I couldnt do the deal.

I guess now he’s really mad?


Go to his house, and pin a dead chicken to his front door while screaming, “CHIKIN NUGGGGETSSSS!!!” And beating your chest


Then take his pet dog and sacrifice him to Satan, chanting:
“Yoyo, loco, mashed potato in a bowl,” over and over again. That way the dog will taste better.


How was it not firm u said u would ship sometime this week. U can bend it however u like but ur wrong


I said I could try…

But now that I realize the kind of person you are I will never do buisness with you.



I also tried to be cool with you bro.

I tried to be nice to you, but in the end, you ended up being very immature.

Let’s just forget the whole thing.


I am no expert, but perhaps you two should discuss this outside of the forum. If you wish to bring it to the attention of a moderator, then message them personally. I hope you two can get this sorted out. Good luck.


We’ve been PM’ing.