Does this bother anyone else on the B.S.T

When you’re trying to make a deal with someone and they either take too long or if they don’t like the deal they’ll just STOP responding? I was wondering if this happened to anyone else or is it just me?
(This goes with out saying but this did happen to you, don’t name names)

yea its happened a hand full of times to me,i just take it as the way its suppose to be, the universe like the deals here on the bst,Unfold the way they should

But what if people could change! Like “sorry no thank you” would be HUGE!

That’s the way it goes, life ain’t fair and the world is mean.

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With the amount of kids on here, I’m surprised i don’t get more of it.

Most of the time they got a better offer.

I have a few people i just don’t deal with because its a waste of my time…

Such is the youth of america! ::slight_smile:

We can call out the behavior, but not the perpetrator.

Way to keep it 100!

This is thread is a total farce. If a person got under your skin enough that you made a thread about what they did, why would you have a problem discussing who that person is. People get put in check all the time in the traders feedback section. It’s not rude to call someone out on the forums. It happens all the time. This leads me to think, that the lack of response is a non-issue. Otherwise we could have a full, barebones discussion about it without shaving details.


Cause I don’t want to be a jerk about the situation. XP Something that looks like you don’t practice in. It’s the behavior that bothers me, not the person. Calling someone out on the forms looks childish and immature, and usually will end up looking bad for both parties. Calling out the issue is a different matter. Obviously it happens to other people. I want to spread awareness of the issue and vent about the frustration of the situation, not start a witch hunt.
And even it happens all the time on the forms, doesn’t make it right. Also, your hashtages look real cute.

So you can call me a jerk without me doing anything to you, but you can’t do this to the guy who frustrated you off in the first place?


How do expect someone to change if you don’t let them know personally?

This leads me to think that you don’t care if anything changes at all. You say you do, but you really don’t. Not calling you a liar, just stating that your means don’t come to the end you seek.


I didn’t say you were a jerk. I said you didn’t practice at it. I’m sure your NOT a jerk at all. :slight_smile: And I did let that person know through a pm. And what do you mean my means don’t come to the end you seek? You confronting me is making my thread top in unrelated discussions, making more people see it. :slight_smile: Thanks for helping me out man, couldn’t do it with out you. :slight_smile:
by the way, those hashtages will make thee twitter feed on your instagram go viral. Better get on linked-in so you can link your myspace so it’ll flood with friend request! Remember, smile for the selfie.

I’m not a fan of changing things indirectly. I’d much rather be upfront. I don’t see a problem with naming names. I’m not afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. Take that however you want.

People being different than you, or using different approaches doesn’t make them less or more of a jerk. It just makes them different. I love it when people say “doing ____ makes you a jerk”. Or that “you don’t practice your non-jerk skills”. It just shows that they’re missing the point. Instead of trying to see what your getting at, people feel that any difference of opinion is a direct challenge.

What can I say, I’m a helpful dude. I’m glad others realize.

And about the hashtags:


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I’m sure you meant everything you said. :slight_smile: I can honestly say, you in your sayings is exactly what I expected to hear. :slight_smile: Your insight was most noted. :slight_smile:

^ I’m glad all that didn’t go over your head. :slight_smile:

Just read all three of my posts in this thread.

The hashtags make me seem bipolar. Not sure whether I like that or not.

Anyway, I have decided to design my companies logo now.

Y’all have fun.


I think that you are wasting time over a non-issue. If a person inquires about a yo-yo and begins a negotiation that is great. They are under no obligation to continue or finish this negotiation. If they choose to stop negotiations - that is their business. Since you have no idea why they stopped the process you have no reason to feel bad, or dis-respected. It is anyone’s right to not-communicate. This is not rude, it is business.

As a caveat - you as the seller, are under no obligation to sell a yo-yo, at any price, until you agree to sell it. Yes, that did make sense. What I mean is that just because you are negotiating with one person - does not mean that you can not negotiate/sell to another person. Too many people have started a negotiation with: “Hey what about $50 for your mint Anglam?”. After telling them that this price is not acceptable you hear nothing. Two days after you ship to someone who is paying a reasonable price I get an email asking why I sold the Anglam “out from under them”?

Until a price has been agreed upon AND - note the stress here - AND they have paid me with cash or Paypal; that yo-yo is still for sale to anyone with the price I am asking. The first one with the money wins!

I don’t care if people do other negotionations while talking to me, but if they decided to go with the other person, it’s common business practice to let the other person know “Hey, I actually found a better offer, so I’m going with that. Sorry.” I’ve had that happen to me plenty of times, and I always respond with “That’s awesome man, hope you got a good deal!” My issue is the communication just ends. It’s gunks me up so bad.

As a trader/buyer, how I conduct business, I go to the bst, and I contact a good 10 or so people in one sitting. During that, I’ll get about 7 messages in like an hour. I offer up something, weather that be a throw or money. Until I hear a yes or no, as a buyer/trader I have that money or item ‘pending’ so to say to that person. Then I don’t hear back for the next few days, week, (or even month, but by them I have assumed they’re not getting back to me), it makes it hard to trade with other people. I have money or throws or stuff to trade, but some of the money or items are ‘pending’ to that other person.

I see what your saying, a ‘well just swap deals’ and honestly, that would have probably been better for me in some deals, but I don’t know. XP That’s just how I am. I don’t like double pledging stuff. And this is not an ‘issue’. It’s an annoyance. I was frustrated and was wondering if anyone else had this frustration also. By no means did I make this tread to stop this behavior (As GoCrazyForYoYo eloquently said), it’s just frustrating is all. People will be people. I’ve had REALLY good trades with people on here, and it shows that a majority of the people on here are good traders and people. Some are just more irritating with the way the conduct communication is all.
(P.s Stimpy is awesome. A dollar if you can tell me his full name. XD )

You perceive the money for a yo-yo as being “on hold,” or tied up, as you wait for a seller to either formally accept or reject your offer in writing. But, I disagree that the seller’s non-response is holding you up in any way.

Just as the seller is free to negotiate with others in that time, you are also free to search for another yo-yo and offer on those yo-yos as well. If you want a specific seller’s yo-yo really bad, to the extent that you are willing to keep the money on hold to wait for his response, that’s your choice, and your fault if you do.

A lot of people view a non-response as a big fat no. Sellers might figure that if you don’t hear back from them in a reasonable time, you should have the common sense to move on with your life. Many of them do not have a clue that you want their yo-yo so badly. A lot of them might figure that if you did, you would have offered a better price for it in the first place, so someone else could not out bid you for it.

If you want a yo-yo bad enough that you are holding up funds to wait for the seller’s answer, why wouldn’t you just offer the top price for it, get the yo-yo, and guarantee that it’s yours? If you want to negotiate and get yo-yos for the lowest price possible, that does not coincide with the attitude of someone who wants something specific really, really bad. When I find a yo-yo that I really, really want, I just pay what the seller wants. I realize that if I waste their time, they will move on and sell it to someone else. So, if a seller perceives your offer as just “okay” or a “lowball,” he might not think you even care enough about the yo-yo that he should update you on his progress with the sale.

My advice to you, is that if you really want a specific seller’s yo-yo, offer them a great price for it at the outset, so that they are not looking elsewhere. If you fail to do so, they will treat your offer like it was a waste of time, they will move on, find another buyer, and not contact you again. After all, they got their money and sold the yo-yo at that point. And, any more effort made about a yo-yo that was already sold, is arguably a waste of time.

On one hand, sellers could be more polite and send you a note that the yo-yo was sold. On the other hand, they might figure that if you want an update, you can ask for one by contacting them for an update, or just take a hint.

I actually agree that it would be more polite to say, “No thanks.” But, I wanted to offer an alternate point of view on the matter too.