Someone Please Respond When You Read Messages especially if you initiate a conversation

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share something that’s been on my mind lately—something I believe many of you might have experienced as well. It’s about the silent treatment we sometimes get online, particularly when someone expresses interest in something but then disappears after receiving a response.

Recently, I had an interaction where someone reached out to me, showing interest in my yoyo. Excited to engage, I replied in detail about the yoyo’s condition, including photos and all the necessary information. However, after my reply, there was complete radio silence. The person did not respond, despite being online. This wasn’t just about not buying the yoyo—it was about the lack of response at all, leaving me hanging without a yes or no.

This has happened not just once, but twice with the same person, and it’s incredibly frustrating. This type of behavior, I feel, reflects a basic lack of courtesy. It’s not about the yoyo; it’s about acknowledging the effort someone else has made to communicate.

I won’t name names because I believe in maintaining a certain decorum, and stooping to the level of public shaming isn’t my style. Moreover, I’ve heard from friends who’ve experienced similar issues with the same individual, which makes it clear that this is a pattern of behavior that’s not only annoying but also rude.

So, here’s a gentle reminder to everyone: If you initiate a conversation, especially one where you request information, please have the courtesy to at least acknowledge the response. Not doing so is not only frustrating for the person on the other end but also diminishes your reliability and respect in others’ eyes.

Let’s all strive to better our communication practices. Being polite doesn’t cost much, but it certainly adds immense value to our interactions.

Thanks for letting me vent. Let’s treat each other better!


I can’t say I disagree. I don’t typically expect instant response as I know that people have lives, but at least upon receiving an answer to your own question…be courteous enough to at least acknowledge that someone has kindly answered you. Yes…it is courtesy. We are NOT NPCs. Not acknowledging a person is quite similar to slapping them in the face. It is not an indifference…it’s insulting. (If done intentionally)

Now having said all of this…realize that there are those who could honestly care less how they make others feel and; as a thought process, it never even crosses their mind. So all of this could be for nothing. But it does feel good to put it out there sometimes. The majority of people here are a cut above the average if you ask me…but there will always be those abrasive individuals no matter what crowd you’re in. So do your best to try keep focused on the good and when something like this happens, try to let it roll off your back. Nothing you do will have a meaningful impact on thoughtless individuals so focus on yourself. Try not to let another person’s careless behavior cause you to stress out and negatively impact your own health. I guarantee that the offender has never even given it a second thought. Even if you publicly chastised them. No it’s not easy but your own health and happiness are worth it.


Thanks, bro! Most people here are indeed great, and we shouldn’t let the few impolite ones get us down. Appreciate your perspective!


When I see the green message bubble sometimes I leave it cause it’s gonna require more brain power than the unread forum posts and I’m on this app to decompress. With that said I do tyry to give some sort of responsive within a day or so if it’s not urgent.

Sometimes on bst I’m reaching out to see if I can make something happen or cause I’m mildly interested and then realize my budget is shot or I’m just not that excited for the yoyo so I politely back out.

Communication is important but I also acknowledge it can be draining and mentally taxing


i was about to bake a reply here to initiate a conversation and then ghost any response just to make a live example😂, but i agree with you a lot, i’m not a forum active guy and i usually just on youtube comments, and everytime i saw comment from anyone asking and the youtuber responding with the answer and making a “counter?” question as to make a convo, just breaks my heart, now keep in mind youtube comment section are more of a (writing on a public toilet wall and someone writing the answer to it on the same wall) kind of business, but imagine this happens in a DM😭


Recently I have had sooooo many people ghost me! Two dudes even took my paypal info and then never responded. I am hella petty tho. I dont respond to people once Ive been ghosted.
A guy ghosted me on fb and then a few weeks later messaged me on here asking about another yoyo. No way in hell am I responding.


Let’s say they’re just busy with other stuff and even forgot to respond so it might take times or sometimes they don’t even see the message (it happens to me all the time that Messenger sometimes does not send me notification for Marketplace). Most of the people I talked to, buy or sell with are pretty awesome. For me when I buy or sell, if I’m not taking action for any reason, I kindly respond with gratitude and apologize.

However, it is very common that people leave other on read from selling message and ghost it, same with @Upmanyu mentioned I also experienced a couple did the same, with some of them are quite well known .

But hey, things happen so just move on, be nice and wish them all the best. There are a lot more nice people in this community, just ignore those bad apples.


Unfortunately I’m ashamed to admit that I am indeed guilty of doing this on occasion. However it’s never ever been done intentional or on purpose. My adhd has my brain always on go, and what I’m fixated on right now could have all my thought and attention, and that very same thing usually leads me to another thought that may or may not be related, but as soon as I get that new thought, then that takes over the fixation completely and so on. I will completely forget about something that I just got done going down a 45 min rabbit hole on. Instead of focusing on one thing until the end or I find what I was lookin g for I usually get side tracked about 3 or 4 times and will completely forget about the thing that got me started. I Can do a google search for the bearing size for hubstacks and end up clicking a hyperlink on the page before I even get the information I’m looking for and 2 hours later realize I never even got the size of the hubstacks. It’s frustrating sometimes. More so when I realize that I might’ve left someone on the hang when I forgot to respond. The way the forum is setup actually makes it even easier to forget about a conversation, the way the notifications and inbox are setup isn’t super straight forward and when ur talking to a lot of different people about different things at the same time before u know it messages just get lost in the chaos. And for me all it takes is seeing the next shiny yoy to take my minds attention. So I apologize to anyone I have ever done this too. I promise it was not intentional or on purpose. Or due to a lack of respect. Like I said my mind is just always on go, usually my fingers can’t even keep up with how fast my mind is thinking, which is why a lot of my posts tend to be very long with tons of typos and grammatical oversights. I promise my grammar and spelling isn’t what I show on here :joy::joy:


You make valid points that; when I consider them, make me realize my comment earlier was rather one sided. This, I promise, was not because I imagine that this is always an intentional act. Merely that I have trouble getting full thoughts out. It’s much easier in writing as I can take my time and edit and rewrite… in person it can be much more difficult. The brain damage I suffered literally changed the way my brain worked. No one could’ve made me understand this before it happened. I think I literally imagined that everyone thought exactly the same…and some people just chose to be contrary. While there are people that choose to be contrary, that doesn’t mean that all people who see things differently are actively seeking to frustrate others. They just don’t think the same. And I’ve come to realize that, sometimes these differences in thinking can actually prevent people from understanding one another. Even though both may feel they are doing what is best, neither is capable of viewing it from the other’s perspective. (Not always of course, just sometimes) That’s why I try so hard to be understanding and encourage others to do the same. So I apologize for the fact that my previous comment was less than considerate. I certainly have come to a greater understanding of just how differently our minds can work.


I don’t disagree that it is courteous to respond back to folks. Im generally a very responsive person.

BUT I also have realistic expectations and don’t expect everyone to respond, especially with sales.

It sucks to out effort into a respinse to onky get radio silence, so im not defending it.

But i do have to say you will be better off not worrying about it and anticipating that not everyone will respond, rather than to try to cha ge the world and be upset when someone doesn’t follow suit. That seems unrealistic to me. Not everyone has the same amount of time, attention, nor commitment to the conversation. Sometimes people read and intend to respond but forget or get busy. Its nothing personal, its just life.


I’m a forgetful, spastic, not well/ unhealthy man with high anxiety and several health issues that make memory and anxiety worse. That being said, I will always try to respond. Good freaking gracious though, when it gets busy, I swear, it’s a miracle I even find my way home after work. Maybe I’ll just keep driving and get to Colorado one day. Spend some time up there. Just me, the open road and a cpap.


“Unpopular opinion incoming”

Honestly sometimes I have been guilty of this, but the BST is tough, sometimes you are dealing with different personalities. Like if someone messages me and gives some ridiculous offer, I will ignore it in lieu of giving a very smart elic response which is what aggregates me.

“Hey I got a skittle and an M&M and I am a little short on cash, can we trade for that titanium” - like I don’t think stuff like this deserves a response cause the message shouldn’t have been sent to begin with - shooting your shot or not.

The other thing is - sometimes I get blasted with messages as do a lot of other folks, don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t respond - send a gentle reminder, the messaging system on this forum is nice to have, but it’s also a little clunky and I haven’t figured out how to search, so it could be completely unintentional that someone isn’t responding.

The end /


YES. PLEASE REMIND ME. This is why I made an entire ticketing system from scratch at my job. If I’m not reminded about a thing, that thing is gone. I drop the ball sometimes and need a friendly nudge.

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I may be in the minority here, but there are aspects of online communication that are wholly unnecessary and not worth the effort.

An example of this would be if an individual asks about additional pictures of a yoyo, those pictures were sent and the individual decided not to go through with the purchase.

Taking the time to respond saying “I’m not interested” is not worth the time when the lack of response communicates the same message.

This is the dream just start driving west and not stop. When I drove 66 to and from DC and leesburg va for a long while heading home sometimes I thought why take my exit let’s just keep rolling.

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I am totally understanding if I as a buyer message someone and dont receive a reply. The item probably sold or whatever.
As a seller if someone ghosts me after asking for pics, agreeing to buy it and then dissapearing after I send over my info. That doesnt really have any excuse in my opinion…


I imagine it’s the realization that they don’t have funds or whatever. It happens. YoYo isn’t critical vs like rent lol

This is one of the major upsides of a forum such as this. If we can all express our viewpoints without taking personal stabs at one another; as has been beautifully displayed here, then we can all come to a better understanding and appreciation of one another as well as get perspective that can assist us in our dealings on an every day basis. I wish you all to know that this thread has given me the strength I need to give you my heartfelt permission to completely ignore me. :grin:


ill be honest i feel like i’ve had a message with someone about something this month and i’ve lost it in the chaos. if i ghosted someone i apologize and please reach out and let me know. life has been crazy recently and i honestly can’t keep up at times but i think im back on track and caught up i just have a nagging feeling i missed something i owe or need to respond to.

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