What did you get in the mail this week?


You’re using the One Drop thin pads on a yoyo designed for dif pads? The dif pads are much wider than the one drop thins though aren’t they? Like snow tire wide…I suppose you could always go with silicone too.

How do you feel about the D sized bearing? Do you feel that it plays significantly different than a C size?

One thing I notice with my Addict is that the binds feel sort of “slow” for lack of a better term. Could be the pads, but it feels like the binds slip a little more than with most of my other more modern yoyos.


Pads are pads and the one drop pads seem to work on everything. I find that if you can pull on the throw as you bind it gives tighter binds with worn diff pads. But Frank has new diff binders that rock, I bought a gladiator slave and man the new pads are fantastic!



(Francisco) #3446

Yyf adventure ex machina

({John15}) #3447

These bad boys

(InvaderDust) #3448

Yoyo Friends TiSS Hummingbird
#11 of 20


Love mine so far

(ZAC) #3450

Spinworthy Scorcher and Harbinger. Enjoying the heck out of them! @Glenacius_K does some incredible work.

({John15}) #3451

Beautiful! You do excellent work @Glenacius_K!


Smooth as silk and worth every hard earned penny.photo P1000429_zpsvmzbksva.jpg


I didn’t expect the box to be signed by @coffin, that’s fantastic! :heart:

(Choncworth) #3455

Shipping label too! The Eclipse is fantastic.

(Joseph) #3456

Just got this Yoyofficer Vector from @codinghorror and it is AMAZING!:heart_eyes::blush:

(Tyler) #3457

Won this in a giveaway last week, which is crazy cuz I never win anything

(ClockMonster) #3458
  • Gamma Crash (black/black)
  • The Gamer (gray/red fade)

(Jacob Waugh) #3459

A Recess Charm

(ChrisFrancz) #3460

What’s the story with the giveaway?
I ordered this with the $10 YYE gift card I won. I’m pretty excited to see which DVDs I get!


Dark Plum Hummingbird. You can’t really get a sense of the color in the photo.photo P1000430_zpsdfswshfl.jpg


Nice photography!