What did you get in the mail this week?


Rosegold Cadence. My second Cadence. :laughing:


This beautiful top!

(eldollo) #3343

Something smooth :smirk:



(InvaderDust) #3345

SF Sf My first Sf. My first fade. and what an excellent throw, by the way!


That looks amazing. Absolutely beautiful fade.


Yo, that is the most serious top kit I’ve ever seen

(Brian Datz) #3348

I got a turning point St. Elmo and the gamer in the MegaMan colorway. I logged sooo many hours in MegaMan 2 in my youth that I couldn’t resist.

(Priyanka) #3349

I didn’t get these in the mail, I actually got these as prizes for placing second in a yoyo competition. I won a Yyf ND Ultra, a C3 Gamma Crash and a Magicyoyo N5
Here’s a picture I took of my new ND Ultra:


ND Ultra and Gamma Crash are both excellent; good choices by the event planners!

(Priyanka) #3351

I’m very grateful. The Gamma Crash has such a Premium-Feel and the ND Ultra is just too good :joy:

(Tyler) #3352

Snagged this ND for $20 from the YYF B Grade sale

(Zakai) #3353

A Vosun TiPower, MonkeyfingeR vines, and some YYE yoyo player cards.

({John15}) #3354

TopYo Silenus and Colossus 4 :heart::heart:

(Zakai) #3355

Looks nice.

(Rock Shouse) #3356

Love mine too!


I got a bunch of new yoyos AAAAHHHHH!

(InvaderDust) #3358

Congrats!! :smiley:

(ClockMonster) #3359
  • Lust
  • Kuntosh 5000QV
  • Sleipnir
  • Ashigaru

(eldollo) #3361

hnnng… nice :drooling_face: