What did you get in the mail this week?


https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4703/39690075554_bfac63d4ce_k.jpgA-RT Trio


Really like the Pickaxe. Fingerspins are satisfying on the Skyva too!

(yospeedracer) #3303

another great mailday


i set the wayback machine to 1999 and got a beautiful eric wolff custom chain reactor, yay!


^That’s cruel not to include a pic! :’(


This isn’t from this week but I’ve been lazy. Got my bonus like 1 and 1/2 weeks ago and bought these. Now I’ve gotta start saving my pennies and buy my buddy’s Komodo and see if I can get my grubby little mitts on a BC Blackbird No. 19, the Wing shaped one.


(InvaderDust) #3307

I got a Gnarwhal 1 in Zip Zop and and Confetti Cannon Pickaxe. Both are alot of fun, but ive really clicked with the pickaxe! <3 Considering i had to trade a chief for the Gnar, it was a welcome entry to my bag.


Rhe Pickaxe really does look very nice. Does it have a good feel?

(InvaderDust) #3309

Its really really good. Its got a very soft feel, grinds pretty well considering its size. Finish is similar to the Manatee. Its small, but It’s on the larger side of the undersized spectrum, very similar to the Gnarwal 1 and Sputnik. It lacks insane stability, but I see that as a good thing personally. Its a little zippy, changes direction without resistance, and is very comfy on a hard return to the palm. Fingerspins and Thumb grinds are not gonna happen I dont think, but it pretty solidly built overall. I know it looks like a mini chief, but it doen not play like a smol chief. Its its own beast worthy of a solid look. Mine was glass smooth and I got mine second hand. The QC is astonishing with these over seas production model. I have zero complaints. The ano is great, the play is excellent, its unique but not gimmiky. I love mine. I am so glad that I was given the chance to adopt this one. This is right around the size i really enjoy the most.


2nd Zeppelin (Combat Green) came yesterday to go with the Maroon one I bought a couple weeks ago when they dropped. Mythril stuff is so, so good. I’m astonished that these don’t sell out immediately. Someone please buy the rest of them so I don’t spend again!

(Rock Shouse) #3311

Picked up a few things this week…I love purple throws!


Had the wife bring me the mail since I work all day and couldn’t wait to throw these two gems.


9 packs of Zipline string from this month’s drop.


Received my Mystery Box today. I really like the Arrow. It fits perfectly in my hand and I like how it plays. The Marco is ok but a bit too wide for my taste.


Just threw down on the SF Bliss in Mossy Glossy Green. Also got a Recess Charm Japan Team and CLYW Pickaxe. Really liking the Charm, super stable and holds spin really well, I’m a sucker for gold throws.


YYF b grade beauties!


Which one would you recommend if you had to choose?


Superstar. Regular pivot feels more solid, but superstar is more fun




I did a yoyofactory curated shopping experience with @yyfben2 and this is the haul! I woulda been super happy with one or two vintage yyfs I didn’t have but five?!! And three are 888s!! Couldn’t be happier! Thanks again Ben. It was a real blast checking all that stuff out.

(He threw in the short circuit and I just ordered six or seven spin tops from YoYoExpert today lol. This thing is a blast!)