What did you get in the mail, 2022?

How would you compare it to the very best organics?

If you mean the generally well-regarded modern ones like the Grail/Panorama/FH1 Al/(there are lots of others), I think it totally holds its own. The Koi is heavier, moves more deliberately than most, and has a more traditional response wall, and some people might not like those things.

I think it’s the best introductory buy for someone looking to get into quality organics, personally.


I agree it is a beast. That price is oh so nice.


Well regarded modern organics like the Grail and MMC were what I had in mind, since the Koi doesn’t appear to have a response bump.

Went overboard with A-May-Zing but loving every second of it. First throws bought in over a decade and boy has our hobby evolved since then. Gotta love it!


Just posted these as part of a post in my thread dedicated to yoyos I’ve shot on film, but wanted to share here too - even though I didn’t get this today, and didn’t get it in the mail lmao…

One Drop Citizen #62. Got this baby from a very generous forum member I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life. I can see why this thing is one of the most coveted yoyos released in the past decade, as I feel it’s possibly the best yoyo I’ve ever had the privilege of throwing. Certainly a, if not THE crown jewel of my collection. So thankful to be the caretaker of this beautiful looking and playing piece.


A-may-zingly delivered a Sugar High and a 44 b-grade. No regrets.


Man I regret not pulling the trigger on a sugar high. If you get out of honeymoon and want to offload it let me know. I may be willing to drive myself further into debt for it :joy: m


:frowning_face: Anyone else ever have a “What didn’t you get in the mail?”… Recent shipping mishap! … Resolution pending…

4 hours later…
as if heard by the Yo-Yo Gods…The recovery package just arrived! Sometimes a good recovery actually results in a more A-May-Zing experience!

Time and great customer service heals all wounds! :grinning:


It always feels weird getting mail on Saturday, but I got a fun one from Japan today. I’m finally getting to try out one of Fairy Crystal Lab’s soft resin counterweights. It feels like a soft rubber, and I like that the color matches my Bonfire lol. I also got a Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge lighter since I’ve wanted one for years now.


Two A-Mazing deal (R-Type, Essence) & a Enso UI!

I can confidently say I like every one of them, so what a mail day!


Finally. And boy I love these two.


Nice Mail day !!! What do you think of the R-type ?? I’m definitely going to pick one up when they release. Im just super curious to know how it plays like


I’m curious about the R-Type as well. How does it play? I almost bought one purely because of the name lol. It looks like a monometal mashup of the IQ and MVP3.


Thanks to you, Rich.


I feel that it plays like a mono metal Edge 1.0, but a bit softer and bouncier. It’s a mid paced yoyo with some floatiness, weight is relatively evenly distributed. Nothing too special, but it feels good.

It’s also the first YYF designed(exclude SUS) yoyo I own that could get the response system right. Bind is reliable and satisfying, and the wall won’t scratch strings during play. This might be a basic for some (if not most) brands, but it is a miracle for YYF. I am touched…

Update after couple of hours: I tried putting on a Ti axle and removing the dust shield of the bearing which got its weight down to 65.6g (from 66g)… And the result was amazing! Now it’s much more willing to change direction and accelerate. Plus the comfortable shape, the great feeling when it hit the string, the smoothness when it moves on the string and, last but not least, the satisfying bind, now it plays like a premium Japanese throw. No kidding.


I wonder if the R-type is a reference to the shmup of the same name.


I asked this same question on one of the live streams, and it is not.

It’s a reference to a car manufacturing term, the “R Type” of a model is the “racing type.”

I’m excited to find someone else thinking in the same direction, though!


Ah I see, thanks for the info!

R-type recently got rebooted so that’s what came to my mind first.


I got this by chance. Dif-e-yo Bare Bones.
Some people say it was dyed black, it’s clear before that. Can anybody answer it for me? :thinking: