Some of my favorite yoyos shot on film!

Shot another roll! My plan is to use the remaining shots left on a roll for yoyos - for example, I shot this batch to fill up the roll after the last of my girlfriend’s graduation photos. My goal is to continue experimenting with new locations and to try and get better each time - which is really ironic since I (1) shot at the same location as last time and (2) like my previous batch a little better lmao (most of these were just the slightest bit underexposed). Here they are anyway:

Debuting my newest acquisition here as well - One Drop Citizen #62. Got this baby from a very generous forum member I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life. I can see why this thing is one of the most coveted yoyos released in the past decade, as I feel it’s possibly the best yoyo I’ve ever had the privilege of throwing. Certainly a, if not THE crown jewel of my collection. So thankful to be the caretaker of this beautiful looking and playing piece.

Diorama, a daily driver of mine in the famous YWET style.

28 Stories Summit, one of my all time favorite colorways AND yoyo.

The best undersized yoyo in the business, @hobbygod’s 5050.