My Photography!


Apart form yoyoing photography is my other obsession! heres a vid I made of a few of my fav pics that i have taken! (theres some yoyo ones in there at the end lol) and i like to share them with you!

cheers oli


wow, you are very good at what you do.
very professional.
keep up the amazing work.

(Mitch) #3

the first c13 pic was amazing!


Photography is purely AMAZING


Yo! That is nice! keep up the good work!! :smiley:


Wow! Cheers guys! Glad u like them Ive got loads more YoYo related ones so I’m gunna do a vid of just them! ;D

(Infinite Chaos) #7

loved the set from 2:21 to 2:31, with the delayed shutter speed. Really cool! ;D


thanx man! i do love a doing a bit of long exposure! lol

edit! that wasn’t meant to sound the way it reads! lol

(Infinite Chaos) #9

Lmao, We know what you meant, but hilarious anyways! ;D