What did you get from your "Secret Santa"!

I got a
Foxland Precision Foxtail
FH2 with extra spacers

now list what you got!

Gnarwhal , which is on the way to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Mac…you didn’t take part in the secret Santa…

That sounds awesome Dingo, I’m wondering if mine will be in the mail when I get home. Hopefully someone will get mine today or probably on Monday.

Do you meant hat as a joke and you bought it for yourself ?? I am confused ???

I think hes talking about an xmas gift

Yeah, sorry. My bad ;o

Haha it is okay
and welcome to the forums I see you only have a few posts

As fellow throwers get their gifts, the excitement and anticipation is rising higher and higher for those who are still waiting for the moment when they can tear open their gifts.

Yeah… I’m excited haha, I hope mine comes tomorrow ;D

Havent gotten mine yet.
Typical since im in Canada and the guy was prob from the states.

Ya probably a lot of usa throwers on here.

hopefully the person i sent to gets his by tomorrow … if not by Saturday!!

I think you are the only international person in this…

I think he self gifted.

I am not doing the secret santa thing, so I’m gonna buy something at YYE, then after I have bought it, I’m gonna slam my head onto my computer table really hard and try to knock that thought out of my head. Then, in a few days: YYE box arrives and I’ll be surprised. For me? Really? I shouldn’t have!

pokemon snap = best yoyo gift period

I got my secret stuff in today! I got a yomega fireball and a potential yoyo co “le tap”
never heard of it before today, so I was super surprised! super heavy, just like I like my women :wink:

That is awesome! Looks like everyone has put together some neat stuff. I have not got mine yet. Looking forward to it though, and hearing if the person enjoyed what I sent. I hope so.

Still waiting for mine … Anyways according to USPS… My secret Santa got his… But don’t see any posts from him… Hope he likes it!!!

Got a beast Yoyojam Big Yo, a Henry’s Lizard, some beast strings, a YYF Bearing removal tool, some YYE trading cards, and a beast bottle of YYF Thin Lube today in the mail. I am extremely happy. I love offstring, and did I mention that I am happy? 'Cause I am!!! WOOT.

Whoa thats so awesome!!!

my guy will get something very cool