What did you get for Christmas?


Basically post everything you got for Christmas. (Not just yoyo stuff)

I’ll update once I actually open my presents and whatnot.

But from my brother and sister, and their families (we went to visit them on the 17th) I got:
$25 Visa Gift card

:smiley: Once I do Christmas with my immediate family, I’ll add the rest.

(JonasK) #2

Most notably I got a Donkey Kong hoodie. There was some music and the annual home-knit socks from my grandmother. There’s no Christmas without granny’s socks.

(Troy(oyo) #3

A new hoodie
All the original Planet of the Apes DVD’s
Citizen Kane
A scarf
A Starwars Lunchbox.


That is cool stuff!


Well, I got

A 10 pack of fruit of the loom underwear
1 Candy Cane
A hug
Aa card

Best Christmas Ever!

Jk I got an apple iPad wireless keyboard
A sony ipod dock-speaker
Duct tape
200 visa to spend anywhere, gonna buy some Yoyos :slight_smile:
Tons of drawing supplies
And most importantly, time with my Whole family.


Unengraved General-Yo Entheos
(2x) AGYY !@#$%
Bose IE2 Headphones
Descente Ski Jacket, came with free passes to 100 mountains
Poc Ski Helmet
Helmet Camera
Card Trick Set
1000 piece Puzzle

etc… I got some more stuff. But most importantly, time with family. So pumped for brunch.

(Raphael) #7

new jeans


ilyy torino
5 ps3 games and time with my family :slight_smile:


50 bucks. Might be getting more. I personally prefer Chinese New Year.


Iphone 3gS
C3 Halo
yyj fiesta (orig.)
yye contest bag
power beats
other stuff
best xmas loot to the date


I got:
4 times Siamese 2x2x2 (from my sister)
2 t-shirts
2 shorts
1 plaid shirt
1 dress shirt (cool one)
Pillow (thank god!)
Belgian Orange chocolate sticks (delicious)
Belgian chocolate thins
MathDice (game)
The Lost Children (CD) -Disturbed
Believe (CD) -Disturbed
My Name is Hannibal (CD) -Hannibal Buress
Blueberry Muffin Tops (the most delicious cereal ever created)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (BluRay)
ink (BluRay)
Sucker Punch (BluRay)
Lucky Number Slevin (DVD)
Hard Candy (DVD)
Royal Road to Card Magic (book)
Ichor Falls (book)
Demon’s Souls (PS3)
Mirror’s Edge (PS3)
Singularity (PS3)

This was a really good year! :smiley:

What games did you get?


Clothes and a Primo as well as a YYE bag (Didn’t even know I was getting anything thanks Dad.). C=


Killzone Liberation, Kindle Fire, Black Duncan Echo, Black Duncan Yoyo Glove, Among the Barons, Among the Brave, The Fire, Rubik’s Revolution, Wooden Puzzles, $20 cash, $25 YYE Gift Certificate, and Headphones. Also my cousins and Aunts and Uncles are coming later today so I hope I get more yoyo stuff from them.

EDIT: Now I have a Duncan Metal Drifter, 25 dollar Amazon Kindle gift card, two $10 iTunes gift cards, and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.


So far, nothing, but I’m a parent so that’s just how it goes HAHA!!


Klipsch S4 in ear headphones, a tripod and a 100$ visa gift card so far


red g5
t-pain mic
light-up drum sticks from disney world’s rockin roller coaster
mario kart 7
candy claw machine for my room

More to come!

Best year yet already!


No yoyos :-[ but I can convince my parents.

Turtle Beach X12 gaming headset.
Puma ankle socks.
A banana Republic sweater (stylin’)
Accumulated money, 200$ worth
Finger lights, which are really fun
GNC Pro Performance AMP Protien
A bike light
A cyclocomputer
TWO sets of screwdrivers (which I didn’t need in the first place >:()
A bigass knife (thank you!)
And some jeans.


2 CLYW Gnarwhals
One Drop Dang
One Drop Dietz
2 YYE cases
2 mr babache finesse diabolo’s
8 play mmx plus juggling balls

Still waiting on USPS for my sky walker cherry blossom and colored side effects


i got

Gold /dronze (don’t know what i should call it) duncan echo
green and yellow duncan freehand zero
lego black pearl
cordoba 15cm concert ukulele
calligraphy learning book with a set of fountain pens
and my brother got the strategy guide for skyrim and didn’t want it so i bought it from him for twenty bucks. ;D


henrys vision diabolo
yyf superstar
spyy revenger
giftcards(bought a BOSS)
dice stacks