What did you get at FL States/ CAL States?

So what did you guys get? I traded my rally plus cash for a puffin, bought some kitty fats, bought a bahama kendama, and picked up a Al5 from Landon, (thanks by the way dude, sick YoYo)

From what I gather no one got anything…K den…

I got a clyw marmot 2, toxic wonder string, yysl venom, gold center trac bearing, and a yye t-shirt :wink:

I got:
The V
200 Buddha strings
3 Buddha ripples
1 Buddha whipple
Lateral Caps
Krom Deluxe
Skill Life T-shirt
Unknown Ascender holster

I also placed 35th in Prelims and when i was at JD’s house he gave me the Prelim board, and i hung it up on my wall. That’s probably my favorite thing that I got.

I got:
General-Yo Model 10
YoyoFactory Too H.O.T. Prototype
100 Fat Kitty String
(At Cal States)

One Drop Beachmark O,V,and H
YYF Too Hot
YYR Offstring ( Not sure what the name is)
Something Addiction
RecRev Silly Goose

All acquired at Cal States

At Cal states I left with:
-2 Buddha Whipple bearings
-100 pack of Buddha string (damn good string!)
-Sweets Focus Kendama (Solid Red)
-the last big bag of Hi Chew from the “other” store booth.

Post some pics of the marmot 2 for us!

More Fantasy Yoyo League work. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


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Any pics of the Too HOT? Is it going to be Harolds new sig?

ann connolly’s, actually.

click link for more images

That makes sense, the HOT is all she uses now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Summit, jff, loop 900, silly goose, SPEEDAHOLIC, and that’s it.

Cal states