Found at Cal States
I have been talking about this on Facebook and Twitter, but thought I would try here also.
I can’t reveal all the contents, but the back pack has clothes, two yoyos, and other items that are valuable and will be used to identify the owner.
The shirt is a small
The contents inside lead me to believe the owner is a newer yoyoer and fluent in Japanese.

Lol at nerf guns in background.

Oh man, I was hoping that one of them would be the Chief that got stolen from me at California States. :frowning:

Dude you lost a chief. Man sorry to here that. As you can see most people on these forums and in the yoyo community in general are really honest people so hopfully it should have turned up. I’m hoping it turns up for you.

That was YOUR Chief? Oh man! The announcements to get that silver Chief back to its owner during the second half of the day…

But, regarding the bag, that matches the description that I received from a player who was hanging around after we tore down and headed out. He was obviously fluent in Japanese and I think English was a second language. I instructed him to contact the contest organizer, YoYoSkills to see about getting this back.

No idea what exactly what was inside. He did mention a description of stuff that sounds similar to what you may be saying is in there. I hope he reads this and is able to get in contact with you.

Folks, in general:
Please, please, PLEASE, keep your stuff with you at all times. Someone left a gold Chief on my table and walked away for 20 minutes but fortunately came back and his chief was untouched. Keep a piece of paper with a complete inventory of your yoyos that you’re bringing with you. If you can, find a method to mark your stuff. Make sure your bags and other stuff have identifying stuff on it and make it darn earn impossible to remove.

Oh hey man! I know you from 2Yo! You accused my brother and made him cry. . . WHY?!
See you @ the next meet!

Really, no offense, why did you leave your Chief outside in the open?