yoyo lost/stolen

today I went to southern california yoyo contest
after I finished my two freestyle
I put all my yoyos in my bag and strap my aquariuses around the the edge
which turn out too be a very bad idea
I walk away from my bag for a bit
and when I came back one of them were gone
it was a green/clear aquarius
I’m just asking if anyone see a aquarius like this on ebay or the b/s/t
please pm me


Damn dude that sucks some one would steal a yo-yo

i mean im no angel ive gone to toys r us and gotten free fh2s and all

but i wouldnt take a yo-yo from anyone

ill let you now if i see anything

If that happens to me I would seriously cry. (not really)

One time I lost my Legacy so I looked around the house. Been looking for it for 2 weeks still nothing.
Then I realized that it was actually on my backyard. I didn’t know why it went there.

Oh yeah eric D:
I heard about that.
Jerks to whoever stole it.
My friend stole my 4 projams that day. :[

OMG life must be getting pretty tough for you, I will try my best… :-\

ill keep an eye out, that really sucks :frowning:


I’ll keep a look out for you. :smiley:

Dude that bites. I saw you with that aqua at so cal and I was triping out on it because I had never seen an aqua with a clear half before. So I know what it looks like and I will def. keep an eye out for your aqua.

                                                                       James Reed