Yyf bomb squad grab bag


Cool…what is the metal yoyo?

It’s a jk. It’s a small metal. Made in china. It’s nice but the bearing is weird and all gunked up with lube, semi responsive. C sized bearing, but it doesn’t have a c clip like most do I gotta figure out how to get it apart to clean it. I’ll post close ups in a few.

Last is a DNA, it’s a full size 888. Really cool chrome/blue anno. Same size as my supernova so like 56 mm.

Neat! Where did you get this from?

BombSquad Cal States party.

you think JK stands for Jensen Kimmit funny cause he’s not YYF anymore but the date is before the split right?


Just Kidding.

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Not Just Kidding, “Just Kan’t” sell cause the winner “JK” back in CLY adiosed on YYF. Probably cause they made him play with a crappy plastic YO’s.

Has anyone really been as far as decided to even go want to look more like?

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cool. i wwant one

Love the little taste of hate :stuck_out_tongue:

Jk will be in stores April. We will upgrade the bearing from the ones in the grab bags and they should be priced between $25-$35.

can u tell me the specs on the jk

For bearings without c-clips you can just put a pin or needle between the shields and inner race and just pry it off. It will bend the shields so they will be unusable, but we all know you weren’t planning on using them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

please can i get the specs ??? ???

now i love you sir.

I know this yoyo with its asian brand, and i can only think positively that you rebranded it and sell at that price point.
bring more and more affordable metal throw to the community.

That wasn’t hate sry if it came off that way. I just wasn’t used to the shields once I figured out how to get them off and clean the bearing it was a awesome little throw. Priced that low is amazing most throws at that price are semi responsive anyways.