YYJ Theory


I’ll be expecting my royalty check.

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Where can I get twenty?

The hard and fast made me laugh for some reason. ;D

But anyways that’d snap a string as soon as you throw it.

I knew this would become a problem eventually. The original Theory was just begging to be copied.

I do really like the look of YYJ’s Theory rip-off. It reminds me of a CODE1 with rounded rims and an interesting cap design. I’ve promised myself that I’ll pick one up once a review or two mirrors my expectations.

How does it grind?

Guys, before anyone thinks this is a clever joke, let me tell you that it’s not.

This is a legitimate venture project started by Mr.patrickcondon, and any allegations that this metal return-top is a joke are crude and inappropriate.

Please proceed to join in on the conversation with that in mind.

Is it still D bearing? What about response?

oh man, did you ever get that thing made? did you go with the d sized, or 22 ball bearing?

Wait why would you make a Yoyo that big? Not that I’m defending YYJ I’m just curious cause it looks like you took a slab of Al and cut a bearing seat in and called it the “the theory” as in it isn’t real if you honestly think YYJ is stepping on your toes contact them because I’m sure they’ll either change name or give you something. Even tho your Yoyo seems unrealistic it still is called the theory so yeah tell YYJ to pay up!

pls. do not disparage and/or slander individuals and/or companies…mgodinez edit

I still haven’t been able to fix the issues present in the first prototype. Experimentation with titanium axles of the standard size yielded disappointing results. As such I’m still going to be conducting further experimentation with the 1/2" axle and 22 ball bearing.

Due to the projected increase in center weight, it might become necessary to give the Theory another 50mm in width. My apologies to those who preferred the slimline design, but for the sake of playability, it may have to be done.

From the vault:

[quote=“patrickcondon on yoyonation”]

I remember this one from a while back. I want one with cinnamon splash, must be RAD!

It will have cement response when released. You can contact your contractor of choice when you need to re-apply it.

I’ve actually been experimenting with clay and volcanic rock, so the response is undecided.

So much win.

Though if YoyoJam makes a yoyo out of cookies I will pursue legal action.

Lol the cookie yoyo was amazing!


Linkity link it, to.

Documented proof of initial conception and creation. Patent pending.