Found a protostar?

Well this is a strange situation.

I was on the bus today and found a protostar in the back of the bus. There was nobody else sitting back there, and after riding the bus for a bit, I realized it was probably left by someone. I now am trying to figure out what to do with this and maybe by a strange small chance, the owner will see this post? If so, contact me and Ill get it to you. This was on the AC Transit in Berkeley. If you are the owner, contact me with the color, and Ill get it back to you.

Long shot, but worth a shot since many players are on this forum. :slight_smile:

If the owner doesn’t come forward to collect it, maybe you could give it to a newbie or sell it and donate the money to charity or something.


Well, we know at least a few people on this forum won’t just take a lost yoyo and run :slight_smile:
(This is also just to bump this post…)
I want a protostar, but I’ll wait till the North comes out…again…

Well maybe your location will give you a clue if theres a Yoyo club in your area maybe go there and see if someone lost their Yoyo.

Or just keep it for yourself!

The chances of finding the person is slim but I like what ur doing :slight_smile: I’d keep it around for a couple weeks to see if u run into someone on the bus who lost it but after awhile it’ll probably just become yours.

Or start a yoyo club…

Or next time you ride the bus, dangle a yoyo on a holster and or yoyo.

Good job being an honest person and trying to help find the owner. Most people would just say “finders keepers” and just think all about themselves… (and that’s why this world is so messed up)… Hopefully the person comes forward. I sure would want someone to try and help me recover my throw if I lost it. Nice work man.

There isn’t much you can do. I’m not a finders keepers person, if I don’t find the owner to something easily I don’t feel bad keeping it though. You asked and would give it back if you found the person, consider it a good day and be happy you found it. Lol post lost yoyo posters on the bus. Don’t describe it tho, make the people describe it so you know it’s theirs.


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Hey, i live in Berkeley ;D It’s not mine, but that’s awesome of you for trying to find the owner.

If you are seriously the one who lost it, I am going to die. :smiley:

Lol, no, it’s not mine…

Maybe you have a secret admirer

I would be trying to find the owner just to have someone else to yoyo with :smiley:

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When I see that kind of thing just sitting there, I choose to not touch it…

I try not to get involved with stuff that’s not my business.

I’m glad you did a nice thing by trying to find the owner.

someone else might’ve grabbed it and just thrown it away you never know.

Good point

This. I’d wait one more week and then do this.