Please give me an advice...


Hey, all… Today… somebody stole my yoyo… I`m feeling so bad that i can describe it… So… Please give me an advice…

(George Wollaston) #2

Where did you have it last before it was stolen? Were you at school, at home, in town? It’s possible that you may have just misplaced it and not actually had it stolen. I don’t see why anybody would want to steal it…


I was at school… Then one girl wanted to see it… I gave it to her and from then its missing… I checked her bag it wasnt there…


Ask her who she gave it to, I’m sure it’ll turn up somewhere.


What Yoyo?


I asked her… She said she gave it to a boy… I asked him again… He said that she didnt gave him nothing…

The yoyo is a Lyn Fury… It isnt that expensive but it is my first yoyo… My most beloved yoyo… Now there is a crack in my heart…

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #7

It’s always interesting that we put sentimental value on objects. I empathize with you but try to remove the emotion from it and look forward to the next yoyo. Maybe the girl just likes you and is holding it to get some of your attention :-*. If these people are friends at all, it may come back and they might just be messin with you. Relax, get another yo and put a gps bug in it. ;D

Couple of last thoughts, if all else fails, and you must have your sentimental yo back:

1)Wanted posters with a reward!
2)Ask the girl that borrowed your yo to let you look at something special of hers, and hold it for ransom! (maybe not such a good idea, but fun to think about)


I know the feeling. I would have hated it if someone had stolen my Northstar. It was my first yoyo and I still have t to this day. It was given to my by yomagic. I’d probably miss it more than my Cafe Racer.


I think I had my Di base stolen :’(


Could be worse.

My brother in law borrowed his sister’s expensive camera, then gifted it away to someone. They’ve done quite a bit of damage to my stuff and given a lot of it away as well.


Thanks to all :slight_smile: I realy apriciate it :slight_smile: I hope somebody will give it back to me, but Im not sure bout that.. I got my DM2 ordered and waiting for it so its not such a lose, but actually Im wondering what kind of man can do this…


I wonder who stole mine. If it was stolen.