Christmas came early today.

Just got a big box today. Lots of good stuff to write about. tim

Impressive haul… I’m drooling. And to think that none of these YoYos will ever be thrown! :o

Oh contra. One thing I have come to the sad realization about collecting. Since I am far form rich( might be if I stop buying yoyos—Nah) I cannot keep them all. Doing deals like this is how I supplement my collection. SO you will be glad to know, I will be parting with a large portion of this haul. So throw away. tim

Daaannnggg, that must be over 2 thousand dollars worth of yoyos!

Not a bad guess. I think if you go full retail it is just at 2800.00. tim

You must own right there about half of the older YYJs that still have caps. xD

I might have to buy some off you

Wow. Very impressive load!!! I want some of that! :slight_smile:

omg 9 Envys !

Do I sense a little envy? :smiley:

Just very impressed…

Are there three Flusch yo’s I see there? Or are they capless Air Raiders?

I believe those are AnyYo Free Riders.

@ OP - And yea, that’s quite a haul. Did you buy out an old store?

And I thought I was bad buying between 5 and 8 metal throws every month!

Wow! I wonder how heavy the box was!

There is 10, one did not make the picture. tim

Kind of. And old internet store. Donot know the name of it. tim

what kind of job do you have?! i envy that you can afford all those yoyos…

I am a pawnbroker. I work for a five store family owned chain. And no Pawnstars is not how it is. tim

Oh, I might know where you’re referring to. Someone posted about them recently if it’s the place I think it is. Which judgeing by the flymasters and original cap artwork dm1, I’d guess it was.

I like throw monkeys :slight_smile: its just the monkey face I think but it calls to me :stuck_out_tongue: