What are you excited about at Cal States 2014?


Cal States this weekend is going to be the first contest I’m going to and I’m pretty excited about meeting folks, learning tricks, and buying more throwable material (not sure what, thinking about benchmarks or recrevs or random other stuff) :slight_smile:

What are you excited about for the upcoming Cal States?

What are you planning on purchasing there? Any insider tips and recommendations?

How do you decide what to drop money on at these events?

Cheers and see you in Sacramento!

I just use the time to buy b grade yoyos. It’s rare that you even get to buy them and if you standing there you can play them to make sure it’s just a paint flaw…or buy things that are not out yet…it feels more exciting.haha. can anyone link me to cal states info? Likes times and location. Without yoyoskills.com I’m lost.


I’m excited for the MFDxG2 Collab, and any B grades that i can score :wink:

Cant wait to hang out and watch!

Totally excited for cal states. Plan on competing in 1a and buying stuff I want but don’t need. Lol

Won’t make it :frowning: maybe next year.

I wish I could go. :-/

Unfortunately G2 just posted on their Facebook that the Co-lab won’t be available at Cal States due to a manufacturing flaw and that they have to go back to the production phase.

We should wear Yoyoexpert stickers on our shirts so we can identify other forum members.

I am probably going to bunch of Fat Kitty and maybe a Werrd Tre or a Benchmark O.