What did u get or trade for at PNWR?

Hey guys, just wondering what you got at PNWR if you went to PNWR (yoyo wise). I got a Concrete a Blizzard Bonfire, and an Avant Garde. Then I traded an Electric Flash for a Triplet, a Protostar for a Phenom, a Quake for a Doomsday Genesis, and a Rally for a Yoyo Officer Aura. What about you?

I got a Harrison hurricane bonfire from yoyoexpert, I traded my raw wet whistle for a b grade trident. And I traded my summit and facade for an arctic circle and I traded that arctic circle for a ricochet!

Wait so YYE is going to stock up on 2014 CLYWs?

And @Yoinator- A Protostar for a Phemon?!?!

I’m not sure, I didn’t ask them. I just saw a bonfire, and I wanted it

Haha same, I thought they weren’t selling the 2014 series atm.

Yep! A protostar for a Phenom. The guy didn’t like the Phenom and LOVED protostars so we traded!

:open_mouth: cool!

I traded my Yeti for a Deadly Spins Wrath, and traded my quake for a proto King Spin Chronicle. Almost traded for a fragment, but no luck.

How does the proto Chronicle play compared to the production version?

I traded you my triplet for this awesome electric flash. Traded one of my crazy d’s for a markmont next, chief and Avalanche for a peak, one of my 3 bass a bassalopes for a mint puffin. I also did this weird 3 way trade with a guy from yyc. His glacial express, fg puffin (which would immediately be traded for a canvas with Luke) and an xlr8 if I bought him the last bonfire. I also bought a dyed t1s, and yelets for 30 bucks. Plus loot that I won from the contest. Waaay happy with every single trade I made.

Many NBA teams would love you as there GM. The trade deadline this year was terrible. You’re getting things done through the trade like Jerry West. That 3 way was blockbuster-esque.

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Haha, it’s good fun trading yoyos. I had a blast at pnwr. People seemed to like my little collection.

little? You probably brought the most yoyos out of the players

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Funny story. I was trying out a Yomega Prodigy and I accidentally dinged it… I grabbed my dad and bought it, he wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. But now 2 days later from PNWR I am very happy I dinged it, by far one of the best yoyos I own.

Haha. Maybe a few :D.

Yup, 2014 CLYWs should be on YYE in the near future.

Yup. CLYW throws were only being sold by YYE. No CLYW booth this year :smiley:

Yeah, I had a great time trading! Thx for the awesome Triplet, Salvador! I love it!

Thanks to you as well. Love this flash. Top tier for sure.

Dude you had, like, 50 throws out! That’s double the size of my collection. It is definitely a nice collection. Those bassalopes are to die for!