Want a stacked pgm!!!

Any condition. I actually would prefer a beat one. It can be completely destroyed. I really only want it for the stacks. MUST have stacks that work, and the stacks must come with the axle, posts, bearings, o-rings, and stacks (everything normal). No stacks, no deal. This is a great oppurtunity for you guys to get rid of your beat up PGM’s! I would prefer white stacks, Thanks. I have cash.

NO ONE HAS A PGM?!?!?!?!

I did. Ask Xdohl I think. Im pretty sure he has one.

Yeah but you traded it with 10 bucks for a cyclotron, and i doubt he’ll trade it. I’ll ask.

Yea I know. I miss my PGM. :’(

You don’t like the cyclotron?

Its not that I don’t like it its just that, its like a virus that won’t go away. No one really wants to trade it with something else. I had this same conversation with Sparhawk last night in the chat room. Its not really a yoyo thats popular for its playability. But known for being not popular at all. Although it does play very well, I would like something like a Bully or a TFL or something.

OHHH DUDE…I just traded my TFL a week ago. You shoulda been on the forums.


I have a white one. reletivly new. stacks in good condition, never taken off. what are you offering for it?

he said he has cash

Please don’t swear or imply swear words.

what about yoyos?
and how much cash?

This post was over a week old. I didn;t bump it b/c I wasn’t looking for one anymore. Please edon’t necro.