Good Deal???

My friend’s sister got tired of yoyoing and is selling her PGM(don’t ask me why). I want to buy it, it’s completely working w/ hubstacks. I am really tempted to buy it for $20, which yes, she will accept, so I’m wondering if this is a good deal. I know the $20 is a good deal(oh yeah!) but is it worth getting the PGM, because I need the money for something else. The PGM is used, but she never really liked yoyoing, and there are no visible scratches. It’s basically new (enough).

And no saying it’s worth $25 or $30, she might be reading this.
And it’s not for sale to anyone but me and yoyo13!(muahahahaha!)

Yes, if it is completely mint.

I say go for it 8)

What,with stacks for $20 bucks,get it!!!

QFT. I love PGM’s, and $20 is a steal. Just don’t let her know how much of a good deal it is, or else she may raise the price :smiley: