(Waylon) #1

Are PGM1’s of any particular value? I saw one recently on the BST for something like $45. I’m just curious. I have one but I have no intentions of getting rid of it. I like it and I play it regularly. I’m no collector and it will probably get beat up with all the others.


I don’t believe so. I have had both 1and 2 and besides being different and yet similar they are both hub stacked plastic. I like them both but unless somebody is trying to “catch them all” equal to the PGM2.

(DOGS) #3

Are you sure you don’t mean Grind Machine, as opposed to Plastic Grind Machine? The $45 price tag would make a bit more sense if that was the case.

(Waylon) #4

100% positive it was plastic. Maybe he overvalued what he had. That’s why I had to ask. I got my pgm MIB on eBay for $12 shipped.


Pgm’s (stackless) really aren’t worth a ton. Maybe $20, at the highest?

(Waylon) #6