grind machine prices

I just looked at the shop section and the grind machines r really cheap r they staked or not cuz if there r i’m going to have to get one.


Do you mean Plastic Grind Machines? The ones that are around $25 new are stackless. The ones that are closer to $35 or $40 are going to have stacks most likely.

yeah i mean the pgm but the pictures have staks it doesn’t say in the discription wether they r staked or not. but there only $30 so thats aufull cheap. it looks like there r new colors to.

All Plastic grind machines are stacked cause they’re not making stackless anymore. They are cheaper because the production of PGMs moved to china.

Yeah. I forgot that they stopped selling the stackless new.

Yea the grind machines on here are stacked. If they wherent they wouldent have pic of stacked GM’s. I have never seen a GM without stacks on it though. They are $39.99 without shiping. Shiping is $4 on yoyoexpert. Pluse whatever tax is where he sells them from. probable around 8-11 cents I exspect. later.

Keep it spinning™

All Plastic Grind Machines are now 29.99 WITH stacks.

Excellent price and great colors!

WOW. Is it good? I never even had stacks before. :’(