Creamy is buying a PGM Make him Happy!

Im looking for a Plastic Grind Machine for 15$ Must come with stacks.
I can do 20$ if you sweeten the deal with strings or a duncan butterfly or something.
It is best that you live in canada so shipping fee is at minimum
I live in canada so yeah.
The Plastic Grind Machine must play like a plastic grind machine
Dont just send me a messed up grind machine please.
It must come with stacks Smiley
Thank you!
[The Stacks must fit on a 888]

Butter up my post!

Now loking for any hubstacked yoyo including the pgm for 20$.
Must b e able to ship to canada.
20$ includes shipping fees.
PS : It only costs 6$ to ship to canada from the states using priority.
[Air Mail]

PS : This counts as my bump

Now looking for something to go with the pgm
like a duncan imperial and butterffly or something :smiley:

LF > Plastic grind machine , or any hubstacked yoyo now :smiley:
for 20$.