Difference in Grind Machines

Well, I’m deciding between the Grind Machine and the Stackless Grind Machine. Can anybody tell me the difference in play (not price) of the two yo-yos other than the hubstacks (such as speed, spin, stability, smoothness, etc.)?

I bet the stackless has less vibe and players faster due to the lack of weight from the stacks not being there.

This. It should also spin longer due to less center weight. You could always get a Stacked Grind Machine and unstack it. Har Har. (I think you can. I heard somewhere that the whole setup was reomvable, so you might not be able to do that)

I think you could do this with the axle of a One or a WHiP. Simply remove axle and hubstack posts and replace with nut and bolt

The stackless grind machine gives YYF the final excuse they need to come out with a “STACKED YOYO CONVERSION KIT” for any yoyo that is compatible with the extended Grind Machine axle. Imagine all the people who are going to stack yoyos that normally aren’t stacked without having to cannibalize other yoyos and make them non-functional in order to make this happen.

This would sell very well. I bet a complete kit would be this:

Plus the longer axle and the posts. They could easily sell it for $25 I bet. And people would buy it, and maybe a non-stacked yoyo to go with it for the purposes of stacking.

This could now be an off-the-shelf mod, kinda like beefcaking a FHZ, or removing a FHZ sticker, or even siliconing a yoyo. You know, stuff that doesn’t require a vast amount of specialized tools to do things with.

The Hubstack kit doesn’t come with the specialized nuts, so you will still have to get a stacked PGM for the nuts.

I know. That’s why I’m saying they should have a COMPLETE stacking kit for sale.

I think the stacked one plays more solid.

I’m going to pick one of these up this weekend while I’m out at or at BAC. Should be interesting to see how they compare.

Alright, thanks. By the way, how light is the Stackless Grind Machine? It says that it was 64 grams here on YYE, but I figured that was off since the original Grind Machine weighs the same. Also, is the Stackless GM considered the GM1? I’ve heard that the stacked GM is the GM2, but I don’t really know.

Lets see if I remember this right.

The original Grind Machine 1 was a metal throw made around 2006. Only a few of these were made, and it never really saw the light of day. Collectors pay a premium price for these.

The Grind Machine 2 (GM2) is also a metal throw made right after that featuring an h-shape with hubstacks and is the pre-curser to the Genesis. If you can get your hands on a Grind machine 2 you will be a happy man.

The original plastic Grind Machine (PGM) was stackless, made in the USA and came with removable rubber weight rings. IMO this is the best plastic grind machine.

Then came the stacked PGM USA version. Same as above, except stacked.

Todays stacked PGM is made in China, has a textured surface, has thicker plastic weight rings than the USA version, and doesn’t support the rubber weight rings. Since YYF no longer produces the metal grind machine, this is now called the Grind Machine.

And Finally the latest version: The stackless Grind machine. Made in China, the price is super cheap, but I’m positive the play is not. This is just a home-run for YYF. I’m guessing 64 grams is the correct weight. I’m also guessing that the plastic weights are a little thicker and that’s why it weighs the same as the stacked version.

Hope this helps.

I just played a stackless grind machine last night. Felt really good. NOT quite a PGM, but it played well above it’s price point, say in the $30 range or a bit more. Then again the PGM plays pretty nice too.

I think this just made my wants list!

Actually, taking away center weight doesn’t make it spin longer. It actually makes it spin less.

Well, here’s a fair test. If the store I go to today has a stackless PGM, I’ll get it. Then I’ll throw both types and time them. Should be fair. I’ll also have someone else throw them as well.

I got a stopwatch, I ain’t afraid to use it!

Oh, better bring my scale too. I want to see if the specs do line up properly.

I have the stacked and it plays great i havent tried the stackless but i dont really use the stacks but it is worth 30$ for the regular grindmachine