What color???


Hey guys its me again and im painting another yoyo. =) what color should i paint it???


purple and green


If u have a powder coater do a powder coat electric orange just my thought cause thats my favorite colour. If u don’t have one and u doin ano or any Other like splashes and so on do a blue and yellow or white and purple that be legit or if y do a half half like a code 1 do a teal with green but just strait do a like a gloss out contrast focus sky blue just my thought.

Show pictures so I can see what creation u did


I like red and black.


What are you painting?


red and black or blue orange


White and Orange so it spins to a creamcicle Orange


just a custom yo reactor


I was just going to buy one in blue. I was happy with the factory color.


ya so was i but i like painting things =)


Blue, red, green or black base, with silver splash?

Red/gold, either being the base, the other being splash.


should i do another splash?


or should i do a speckle kind of thing like the clyw??




Dark green with blue and gold speckle

I’m looking at my Christmas tree right now


Isn’t it obvious?

Paint It Black.

(WildCat23) #17

Light blue with purple splash on one side, light purple with blue splash on the other.


I think im going to do one side orange and the other blue with blue speckle on the orange and orange speckle on the blue thanks for all the input!

(WildCat23) #19

Awesome!! I want to see it.


ok i will post pictures in like 30 minutes