Fav yoyo color?

Write your favorite yoyo color you that you would like to have on your fav yoyo…(stock color,not custom painted)
I’ll start
Red\black m1… 8) 8)

black/green splash eight8eight
sanitized green m1

white darkmagic

black legacy…

hehehehe all andre’s signature series.

God Bless You!

the splash 888 is really cool,and i also like the white DM

Blue meteor and Blue dark magic

A noctu in the notcu color.

Blue and green.

28stories Peak or BvM

splash DM if thats possible green and black

Almost all of my yoyos are red or blue., actually all but one.(I have upwards of 20 yoyos)

smoke m1

yellow,green,and purple

any of mine

I like blue, but green and red are the best(sounds like I need a superstar).

Black with Red Splash.

Red all the way