what color string looks best on my supernova?

Hey, I have a supernova (pics on bottom) and I was wondering what string looks best, im currently using a lime green, and was using a color that looks like yellow and lime green (not two colors) and that looks cool I guess. Im thinking about a yellow one… Thx ;D

How do you post a pic?

Just tell us the color way.

Its blue with purple splash, but the purple splash has something weird to it…

Clearly neon yellow is the right string for this jojo! (as it is for 80% of jojos!)

Haha ok, I was thinking about that for my “jojo”… Its weird, I feel like you reply to all my posts, I feel like I see you on this site like 10 time per day… You just replied to 2 or 3 of my posts, we both replied on a ningitsu post, and I just replied on your post… Kts weird, whatever thx though!

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At 2:00am+ (my time) nobody else is online and yet I’m still refreshing the site for new posts as I do my other work. :wink: I’m constantly on this site, don’t take it personally or anything…

YYSL has the new Ann Connolly color ways for the ammo and Type X, not sure of the name of the color, but I saw them at BAC, there is a purple and pink version that would match pretty cool on that Supernova!

White string goes with everything, blue Candy Wire would look cool, people would match, yellow also would look good, green would also look good

Neon yellow, neon pink, white.

Just go with whatever you think looks best. I’m phlegmatic, too (look it up) :wink:

It’s Taboo Tatoo

There you go, Thanks Matt

Whatever you want is what looks best.

I’m using either YYE neon green or YYSL Type X(yellow) on all my yoyos, regardless of the color of the yoyo.

Double That.