(Nautilus) #1

So I can get any clyw but which one should I get I like the chief, the summit and the puffin so which one should I get


For a better answer, tell us what you have and what you like about them.

(Nautilus) #3

I have no clyws but I have a code 2 I like the inner lip the colors the smoothness like its floating


I haven’t thrown a puffin, but I have thrown a chief and a summit. First of all, with colors, you bound to find something you like with any CLYW you buy. Second, the chief has a more solid feel to it but for me is smoother. The summit I felt was much floatier (but, of course, you can modify it with side effects) and not quite as smooth as the chief.

(Nautilus) #5

ive narrowed it down between the puffin and the chief so what do you believe would be the better choice for me


I love my chief, it’s capable of doing anything! I’ve never tried a puffin so I can’t say anything about it :-\


Im not sure if I agree with what other people said… The summit is in first for soooo many people, its amazing. I posted a thread saying “chief vs sumitvs arctic circle” and chief…well got last place and summit got first. Its up to u, but I highly highly recommend trying all of them.


This guy tried my summit, which is not as smooth as any of the three chiefs I have tried. That said, i like the summits feel so much more. Between the chief and the puffin… I couldn’t tell you because I have not used a puffin.


Both are great. I found that I favored the chief mainly because of shape.