What cheap throws do you want, but never got around to buying them?


I always wanted to get a Lyn Fury and a gold Yomega Dash.


ive wanted a clear big ben forever but i dont see what i think is so great about it…


Lyn Fury.


I want a protostar that is blue in the middle and red on the outside with a white weight ring. Then when I throw it I would sing, “When Captain America throws his mighty shield…”

I don’t even know if they make one like that but I can dream.

(Shisaki) #5

Protostar and Starlite


i know that kinda feeling.
i always want a PGM and a DM.

(DOGS) #7

Counter Attack


Ive always wanted a kickside


lyn fury all the way and starlite




Bs newton ti walker ;D

(Troy(oyo) #12

Journey and FHZ.


black knight and k os

(Halbach) #14

DMII and HMP. Just more of a metal person nowadays, although I did love my StarLite.


Yomega dash, but don’t think I could really get it unresponsive.



(Raphael) #17

I really want a FHZ,


That would be awesome. I may paint my journey if I could get it to look like Captain America’s Shield.

Not sure I am that good with a brush though.


minusmike modded and painted FHZ with weight rings.


yes, that one too.
i really want one, and i bet they play awesome.