What can I do now?

So the inside of my PGM2 is stripped on one side where the axle screws in. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I really love this yoyo, I don’t want to lose it.

P.S. Sorry for the absolutely terrible picture, I just thought it might help a little bit.

Maybe try loctite?

Locktite wont help you. What you need to do is remove the axle completely and have it tapped to the next size up in threading. Then head to the hardware store and find a piece of thread stock that is 20mm long and fits the new tapping. IT is a lot of work but if you really want to salvage it, that is what you can do. Or, alternatively you can just get a new one :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck and I hope this helps you out! :smiley:

Alternately, just replace the axle system with an M4 bolt and nut.

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Never knew that would work. Thanks, I learneded sumfin!