removing axle


removing my pgm axle along with the post so I can z-stack my dv888.

I got one post out, but the one that is attached to the axle is TOUGH. Will not come out.
Any ideas to try? I’ve tried the pliers with paper towel method.


How i did mine was i pushed down the yo-yo with the axle on the table like you would do a yyf one also yye sells grind machine posts and pgm axles you could buy it for like 8$ including shiping.


They do? I can’t find it. Link?


Thanks, that got it out! But the post is stuck to the axle now and I can’t get it out. Help?


Yikes ok try to grab the nut with one set of pliers then grab the axle with another set of pliers
and twist or do you really need to take the nut off?
here is a link for the axles,the grind machine posts are in the drop down list


oh, awesome. Thanks!


No problem glad to help, post some pics when your dv888 is done.


and it doesn’t screw into the dv888 is the reason I want to take it off.


Still having troubles.


Oh, hem i think that you have to mod it to exsept a pgm axle.


Okay. Any idea how?


uh, yeah you have to widen the axle hole with a drill. and don’t blame me if you brake your yoyo in the proeses


…maybe I won’t mod it after all.


Sorry i might be wrong i hate to crush your plans. Wait tell you what i will ask someone that i know he will know what to do.


I just threaded the whole thing took and alen wrench and screwed is through until it popped out and I stacked it


Yeah thats what my friend said, maybe you did not screw it in far or hard enotgh (sorry for my spelling).


okay, good to know! Will do. (eventually)


I have done this many times if the axle in the pgm is stuck either push Down on the floor, or use a yyf hex that is for the loop900 (multitool or loop900 key) and turn it out , for the hubstacks use plyers. Hope this helps if you need any pgm help I know myn like the back of my head.