okay, by accident the other day, i got my pgm v2 axle stuck in my dark magic 2 how do i get it out?? :’( :’( :’( :stuck_out_tongue: >:(

Please make the title relevent to the topic at hand. Something like “PGM axle is stuck in DM, help needed” would be good. To change the title, modify your original post (currently your only post) and change the title of it there.

What you want to do is get two nuts (nuts, like what you put on bolts to fasten things together) that go onto the axle perfectly (if they aren’t perfect, you’ll know because they won’t go any farther than a few threads). using a couple sets of pliers and/or wrenches of the correct size, tighten those two nuts against each other very tightly (it may seem like you’re going to break something, but it’ll be fine). Then use the pliers and grab both nuts and unscrew that way.

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thanks soon i will try the nut thing

Why is your pgm axle in your Dm2, and you could have possibly ruined your dm2 because you could have stripped/cross threaded them.

I’ve always had better luck putting the wrench or pliers on the nut closest to the shell. That way the one closest to the shell locks against the other one. My experience has been that grabbing both of them tends to unscrew both off the axle. But that’s just me.

Yeah, sometimes I get this, but it’s usually because I don’t have the nuts tight enough.

please! i cant do the nut method cough cough im dieing… :’(

Well then it looks like your only alternative is a pliers. Wrap some tape around the axle and have at it. Good luck.

i got it out. thanks for all your help guys(exept for you yoyo jake ps. my dm didnt break so HA!!! :P)

So what did you end up doing?

well actually, i couldnt figure out any of your guys soulutions, so i just used these really big pliers and got it out (like the guy above me said)but thanks anyway, guys!