Axle is stuck in my DM!

Hi everyone,

I love my DM, but the axle has worn down so much that the threads are flat and my Dark Magic does not stay in one piece.

How can I take this axle out? I tried with a wrench but that didn’t work.

How did it wear down? And use pliers and just grab it really tight. Then make sure to twist it counterclockwise.

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Okay, I’ve been trying that, it slides between the pliers’ teeth, or whatever they are called.

It wore down by me satining the rims often. I wil never satin the rims on that again. :’(

Also, will WD-40 work to maybe make it easier to get the axle out?

WD 40 corrodes plastic… Self experience with my rubiks cube, becasue it got really weak after I tried put it in there for it to go faster. Im sure it will eventually come out if you do what Apetrunk said.

The axle is completely worn down.
The wrench just slides around the axle :’(

EDIT: Sorry for the bad pic. :-X

Where in the pliers are you grabbing the axle with? You don’t want to use just the end of the pliers, use just inside of the end, where you can get the most surface area. Make sure to squeeze really hard too. You don’t have to worry about messing up anything on this one.

What you have there actually makes it easier to take out because you get that extra surface area. Squeeze that puppy good!

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Use a drill. Tighten the chuck down on the axle. Hold the yo-yo half in one hand and the drill in the other. Spin the drill counter-clockwise.

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Or clamlp the axle in a vice or vicegrips and turn counterclockwise.

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YES! I got it out!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I tried the drill before, but I decided to tighten it to the extreme. It worked! Thanks everyone :slight_smile: