Dark Magic Problem

So my Dark Magic’s axle has ben stripped multiple times, and I’m done with wasting Threadlocker, so I’m trying to take this axle out, and it won’t come out.

With pliers, rubber band and pliers, and I can’t double nut it.


Try to find some vice grips. Maybe a vice I guess. But if you use a vice, don’t tighten it so much that you snap the axle in half. That would be fun to get out. ;D

Ah, shoot. I was gonna suggest that.

Still not working. :-\

Neither the vice nor vice grips? How tight are you squeezing them?

I only have a vice grip, no vice.

The vice grip didn’t work though.

Did it just slide around the axle? Did you make it really tight? Maybe try putting it on at like a 30 or 45 degree angle to the axle? That could help.

Some of the YYJs are very tight. Some just get stuck, Unlike some of the FHM.
You can try this:

Take off the bearing, and Pogs.

Get some HOT water From the sink 150 160 degrees. If your house does not have a dishwasher, then you need to put it on the stove for a few mins. NOT BOILING WATER.

Let it sit in the hot water 10 mins or so.

Get a glove for your hand to hold the yo Half Grab it outta Hot Water.

Get a nice TOOTHY vise grip and CLAMP it on the Axle.

Grab a Ice cube from the Freezer and lay it on the AXLE and Vise Grip for one or two Minutes.

Then unscrew. Make sure your going the correct Direction.

The heat will Expand Plastics and metals. Cold will Shrink Metal.

Still not working.

I’ll try BuzzJr, but my vice grip isn’t toothy, can I just use pliers for that part?

You should be able to. You can at least try.

EDIT: If you still can’t get it out, you could file down two sides of the threads so that you have two flat surfaces (opposite from each other) and then vice grips or pliers or a vice should work.

Ok, I’m trying BuzzJr’s method now. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try Apetrunk’s.

Wow, BuzzJr’s way didn’t work, I’ll try Apetrunk’s

Pliers still slipping? The Axle needs pressure, not jerky force. Its just a YYJ thing. Steady Pressure.
Some of my older YYJs had an allen in the end.

put a little wd-40 on the axle where the axle meets the yoyo and then grab with the pliers and twist it off

Good idea, but if it’s like many yoyos that have stuck axles, the axle diameter ratio to the ratio of the threads part on the yoyo is very very close to one. I doubt that WD-40 would even be able to get very far into the “gap” between the axle and the yoyo because the gap is so small there.

Once again though, good idea.

Nothing’s workin’

Not even filing down the sides? What’s happening with it?


Did you try using the threadlocker along with the double nut? Just screw in one nut, then apply threadlocker on the other nut and screw it in. When it’s dry just follow through the normal way.

Its too stripped. :stuck_out_tongue: