What browser(s) do you use?

I’ve tried out a TON of browers. (list of all the ones I’ve tried further down).

Right now, I use Firefox as my main browser and Google Chrome as my backup.

In the past, I have tried all of the following browsers: (I have also rated them on my satisfaction with each)
Internet Explorer (various versions) (3.5/5 for IE8)
Firefox (various versions) (5/5 for 4.0)
Google Chrome (4.5/5)
Opera (2/5)
Seamonkey (3/5)
Rockmelt (3.5/5)
Flock (4/5)
Safari (0/5 on Windows, 4/5 on Mac)
Netscape (0/5)

and I am currently dabbling with Maxthon.

So what browser(s) do you use?

Chrome is better than internet exploder or mozilla firebox

Care to elaborate?

Safari, although people telling me to go to chrome

Chrome is pretty good. I prefer Firefox over it though.

Actually, I’ve been messing around with Maxthon, and I’m liking it quite a bit, so that’s something to consider as well.

My browser of choice is forefox.

Occasionally at work I use internet exploder because some of our applications are designed for it, otherwise it’s firefox there too. Up until that I used netscape until it went DOA. At times I’ve been known to use KDE Konquerer.

a little bit

I use chrome mainly because it’s so streamlined. The browser itself doesn’t take up a huge chunk of my screen.

Anyone know what browser is decent and doesnt take up a huge amount of computer space?


Chrome/opera. Opera because it’s faster, and chrome because it seems to be more stable. I’ve tried a few more (firefox, midori, etc.) but haven’t found ones I like more.

I use Firefox or chrome most of the time, but I sometimes use ie when I wan’t to check my email (service is designed for ie).

I used to use Internet Explorer, then I tried Firefox. Firefox is amazing with adblock plus. Chrome never worked well for me, I prefer a nice, clean bookmark toolbar, as opposed to one by yahoo/Google. Maybe I was missing something, but I found no such toolbar in Chrome. Also, I found that Firefox (for me, at least) is faster than chrome.

Used to be Firefox but now with the new version I just didn’t click. Now I’m on Chrome even though I don’t know how to set my home page to Facebook like before

Chromium and Firefox when flash hates Chromium.

I use Safari mostly, but I’m trying to switch to Opera.
I do use firefox only for when I’m doing stuff that is too important for a browser crash. Other than that, it’s too glitchy for me.

Chrome has pretty much the exact same bookmark bar as Firefox.

I’m using Aurora. hehe I’m the only one too.

Figures… :wink:


I find it funny that one of the only reasons I use Chrome is because I love the book mark bar so much.

firefox is betterrr