which web browser do you use?

I use Firefox. i have chrome and internet explorer as well but i still think Firefox is the best.

Been using Chrome pretty much since it came out. It’s clean and minimalistic. I just want my browser to show me an URL field under a bar of tabs, the rest just gets in the way of the stuff I’m browsing through.

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yeah exactly. Chrome is the way to go.

The one that’s on my Android galaxy s2.

Chrome for almost everything but for some reason it lags YouTube and minecraft. Probably because I’m running a 64bit java on a 32bit browser so for YouTube and minecraft I run Internet explorer 64bit.


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Chrome all the way. I think Firefox is too cluttered now, and I never loved it to begin with. I only use IE on government computers when there’s no other option.

safari or IE

I mostly agree…

I agree that minimalistic is best in a web browser, but in most browsers all you have to do is turn almost everything off. Firefox can be almost as small as chrome, and opera even smaller. I just use firefox because I’ve had the least problems for me, although I also really love opera. (sadly there isn’t as much support for it though)

Safari or Chrome.

Chrome brah.

Dat Chrome yo.

Chrome because it has an awesome home page and is pretty minimalist.

chrome. the web store has everything you can imagine, and it’s all free.
Plus it’s faster and less cluttered than IE and safari.

I use wyzo, it allows for faster downloading :slight_smile:

It’s small and the web store has everything!

Not completely true.

You know you can change the layout, right?

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i use google chrome for everything except minecraft which i use safari for i have the payed version but sometimes i like to go retro

Well you can play the paid version online too.