Small forum annoyance

So I like to open up threads in new tabs, read them, and close them. Most of the time, I just use the center (scroll) button on my mouse. However, on this (the YYE) forum, whenever I center-click a thread on the forums, I’ll get a new tab with the link I’m going to, and the current tab will also change to the link I want to go to. This doesn’t happen on other forums, only this one, and it’s kind of annoying to have 2 tabs of the same page open whenever I center click. Has anyone else had this problem with the forum before?

Doesn’t do that for me. If I center click on a topic, it opens the topic in a new tab and leaves the existing tab where it was.

I’m using firefox on linux.

I have a mac so I don’t have clicky problems.

I think it might just be a problem with google chrome.

I’m using google chrome, and no problems.

I’m using Google Chrome, one on an XP machine and one on a W7 machine. Both have this problem =P

I’m using google chrome and XP, so I don’t think that it’s a problem with either of those.

Huh? This happens to me at home with Ubuntu 11.04 and Chrome…

But here I’m using Vista(ugh don’t get me started…) and Internet Explorer(aka Internet Exploder :P) and it works just fine.

But then again I’m so used to the right clicking method it’s about as fast as middle clicking anyways.

High five for Linux!

Ctrl + Click

So this only seems to happen in Chrome, not Firefox.

Oh, and I did ctrl+click on Chrome. Same new tab + old tab changes pages thing going on as well.

I use ie at work and no problem, I use firefox, and chrome at home and have no problem. I use a mac sometimes and other then it being differnt in annoying ways for me, I also don’t have a problem. It must be on your end buddy.

Maybe it’s a problem with Windows 7?

I’m using XP, and no matter what browser I use, it works fine.

I can tell you that it’s not 7 either. Maybe you need to set it up to do what you want other than hoping it will just do it for you.